Cultural Immersion Experience in LGBTQ Counseling Essay

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The event has impacted my ability to encompass cultural competence in counseling through improving my self-awareness. According to Merrell-James, Douglass & Shupp (2019), cultural immersion enhances self-awareness in terms of personal and national privilege, sense of belonging, cultural encapsulation, and racism. In this regard, the event helped me to understand elements in my culture and attitudes and beliefs that have shaped my view of the LGBTQ community. Through this, I identified things I need to deal with in order to be effective as a counselor when handling this community. Secondly, the experience improved my ability to encompass cultural competence in counseling by enabling me to embrace diversity. Prior to the event, my interactions with the LGBTQ community was very limited. However, the event has made it easier for me to embrace them and become compassionate toward them.

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Impact on My Worldview as a Counselor

Essay on Cultural Immersion Experience in LGBTQ Counseling Assignment

As part of improving my ability to encompass cultural competence in counseling, the event has changed my worldview relating to oppression, discrimination, power or privilege. LGBTQ + festival Hialeah Pride has changed my worldview by helping self-explore my privileged identities. After participating in the event, I have engaged in self-exploration to determine how my social identities i.e. sex, race, socioeconomic class, and sexual orientation has created a sense of privilege, which has in turn been a source of oppression and discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community. I have learned that my sexual orientation has given me a false sense of superiority and privilege, which I have used against members of this community. Self-exploration after attending this event has made me realize that being part of a privileged group like the heterosexual group could result in oppression/discrimination against others such as the LGBTQ (Goodman, 2010). Secondly, the experience has changed my worldview by promoting the development of a sense of compassion. It made me realize that showing love and compassion toward others is the key to developing meaningful relationships. These relationships, in turn, become the premise for growth and development. Therefore, love and compassion triumphs all cultural elements and creates meaningful relationships.

Infusing Social Justice Advocacy

Based on my experience and insights I have learned through the LGBTQ + festival Hialeah Pride, I would infuse social justice advocacy in my counseling practice. Currently, as a school counselor, I will infuse social justice advocacy by starting a Gender and Sexualities Alliance at the school. This alliance will be geared toward helping people embrace diversity despite differences in sexual orientation. This will be achieved by enhancing cultural awareness and multicultural competence. As members of the group interact, they will learn each other’s culture and become more culturally aware and competent. Through the process, people will develop meaningful relationships with each other.

In conclusion, cultural immersion is critical toward promoting cultural awareness and multicultural competence in counseling. These elements are vital in counseling practice given the diverse nature of the modern counseling environment. To develop cultural competence and awareness, I attended the LGBTQ + festival Hialeah Pride. This event shaped my worldview and enabled me to encompass cultural competence in counseling through enhancing my understanding of the LGBTQ culture. As a school counselor, I will infuse my insights from this experience with social justice advocacy by starting a Gender and Sexualities Alliance.

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