Cultural and National Identity Term Paper

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The first example comes from an article titled, Labour of Love (Beatie, 2008). It tells the story of a transgender who is legally male and legally married to his wife, Nancy. During his sex reassignment surgeries he decided to maintain his reproductive abilities. He states, "wanting to have a biological child is nether a male nor female desire, but a human desire" (Beatie, 2008, par 3). He and his wife always wanted to have a child; however, Nancy had to have a hysterectomy which resulted in the loss of her reproductive abilities. Thus, they decided that he would carry their child. He stopped taking his testosterone medication and after about four months his body regulated itself. In order to get pregnant he did not take any medication or fertility drugs; but rather, purchased anonymous donor vials from a sperm bank. Although he finally did become pregnant, he went through a total of nine doctors. Most refused to work with him or stopped working with him before the process was complete because they did not feel comfortable.

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A second example comes from an article titled The Ambiguity of Michael Jackson, which discusses his confusion about adulthood and his sexuality (Independent Mind, 2009). Michael Jackson's face increasingly began to resemble that of a woman's, with feminine lines, sculpted eyebrows, tattooed eyeliner, and a nose which became progressively smaller. Nevertheless, he grabbed his crotch on stage, sang about women, and was married several times. He also demonstrated regressive tendencies in his song lyrics, interviews, and by the creation of Neverland, "a fetishizing of perhaps a missed childhood" (Independent Mind, 2009, par 3).


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Term Paper on Cultural and National Identity in Assignment

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