Cultural Studies Concept of Culture Essay

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In the case of the !Kung, food is shared in a generalized familistic way, while durable goods are changed according to the principle of balanced reciprocity; that is, transactions are expected to balance out in the long run." (p.889)

Summary and Conclusion

In answer to the question posed in this study stated as "Richard Lee Presented A Gift To His Friends or Hosts Among the Dobe (Kung) What Was His Gift, Why Did He Give It and How Did They React? The answer is quite simply stated that Richard Lee presented to his friends or hosts among the Dobe that which they needed and very likely had already requested. When he presented the gift to his friends or hosts among the Dobe society, they downplayed his gift and minimalized his gift while giving faint praise to what he had given. The friends or hosts of the Dobe society in turn gave Richard Lee something of equal value at some time in the near future from the time that he gave his gift to those friends or hosts.

Works Cited

Howell, N. (2010) Life Histories of the Dobe !Kung: Food, Fatness, and Well-Being Over the Life Span. University of California Press. 2010. Retrieved from: full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Cultural Studies Concept of Culture Assignment

Lee, RB (1978) Politics, Sexual and Non-Sexual In An Egalitarian Society. Human Societies and their Ecosystems. Retrieved from:
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