Culture Diversity in Early Childhood Education Sex Roles and Gender Bias Term Paper

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Diversity in Early Childhood Education

Qualitative research reveals that gender inequity remains one of the major problems in early childhood educational practice and in early childhood educational training. Through interviews, observations, and self-reports, teachers in early childhood education programs demonstrated an acute awareness of gender inequities. However, the studies also show that aspiring teachers lack the theoretical framework with which to entertain postmodern theories. The current teacher training programs in place throughout colleges, universities, and professional development programs focus on socialization theory and theories of childhood development. While robust, socialization theory may not offer future educators the tools with which to effectively address gender inequities and other social injustices in the educational system.

Postmodern perspectives, including feminist post-structuralist theory, may better help educators and students of education address inequity in the classroom. Postmodern theories focus on the construction and maintenance of power relationships in society. Rather than address diversity in isolation, postmodern theorists show how diversity affects social hierarchies and inequitable relationships. Shifting focus from childhood growth and development toward a postmodern perspective can prepare early childhood educators for classroom realities including diverse learning styles.

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Globalization, of both economies and of cultures, has increased the need for a postmodern perspective in the training of early childhood educators. The more prevalent presence of minorities in public schools, the proliferation of alternative family structures, and the increased integration of persons with disabilities in classrooms, all mandate that early childhood educators acknowledge different learning styles. Technological advancements including the Internet have also illustrated shifting social relationships and new ways of learning and communication.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Culture Diversity in Early Childhood Education Sex Roles and Gender Bias Assignment

Unfortunately, early childhood education programs rarely if ever touch upon ways to address diverse learning styles. Furthermore, theorists disagree about developmentally-appropriate practices because of the number of competing and seemingly incompatible theoretical perspectives. The role of the postmodern scholar has been to deconstruct common arguments, revealing their relative inability or ability to address the needs of educators. At the same time, postmodern theorists question the prevailing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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