Culture Films as Expressions Research Paper

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B. We determine the meaning of films through close analysis of the content and production.

C. We also determine meaning from films by including an awareness of the greater contexts within which the films are made and consumed.

D. Love stories are an old idea in film, yet there are a finite number of combinations of love relationships that are shown in film. These films mentioned in this paper defy the normative sexual/romantic relationship is some distinctive way. The films reflect and influence viewers with respect to attitudes about non-normative sexual partnerships on the individual and on the societal levels. The analysis has demonstrated in which cultures non-normative relationships are more likely to be accepted or rejected and why, supplying evidence from the films for support.

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Films from the United States and from Italy will be compared. The films that will be compared are feature non-normative sexual and/or romantic partnerships. The paper will endeavor to understand how the values of each culture regarding perceptions and acceptance of non-normative sexual expression. For every Italian film, there exists an American counterpart that is similar in narrative, genre, time period, premise, and more. Among the numerous differences, points of difference between the films are things such as culture, society, and significantly, values. Through emulation and use of a variety of effective media analysis techniques, the paper explores how non-normative romantic partnerships are perceived and valued by the respective cultures in question.


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Culture Films as Expressions of Assignment

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