Culture Food History of French Term Paper

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E. Seasonings run the gamut from French sea salt (some of the best in the world) to fresh ground pepper, saffron, and all the fresh herbs that are available in France, such as tarragon, sage, rosemary, thyme, and other seasonal herbs.

F. The styles of French cuisine can be very different. Some areas, like Brittany, Normandy, and Provence all include quite a bit of seafood in their cooking because they are located along coastlines. Some areas have created more rustic, rural type cooking, such as Alsace with its quiche and casseroles, and the Midi region near Spain with its cassoulet. Other areas have a more formal style of cooking, filled with rich sauces, creams, and presentation on the plate is very important (Vogel). Expert Vogel continues, "Vegetables, for example, are often cut with obsessive-compulsive perfection and uniformity. Dishes are typically not presented in a rustic fashion but rather in a sophisticated, aesthetic, and organized manner" (Vogel). Many people feel French cooking is quite formal, and that can be true, but it is also inventive and very important to world cuisine.

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G. Cooking procedures in French kitchens go back to the first cooks like La Varenne, who developed new ways of working in the kitchen that were defined and well thought out. Historian Fromkin notes that the famous French chef Auguste Escoffier developed many modern aspects of the restaurant kitchen. He writes, "Escoffier brought a division of labor into the restaurant kitchen -- an assembly line of sorts -- in which each member of the cooking staff has an assigned function, so that each dish prepared is the product of many hands -- and can be produced swiftly" (Fromkin 72). This type of cooking is still used in restaurants today, and it is one reason that complicated French dishes can be completed in a shorter amount of time and served to diners quickly.

French cooking is an essential part of the world's cuisine, and it has a long and interesting history.


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Term Paper on Culture Food History of French Assignment

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