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[. . .] These cook-offs and competions can range from chili to candy and chicken, and they are becoming more and more popular, and even a source of some people's full time income and employment (Sutherland 7-8).

4. What are the ingredients, seasoning, styles, and cooking procedures attributable to the North America region?

The cooking styles, procedures, seasonings, and ingredients are as varied as the many cultures that make up North American cooking. You can travel from Alaska to Florida and not sample the same dish twice. Eskimos in the far North still rely on age-old hunting techniques for their food, while suburban moms shop in trendy organic grocery stores and use a fusion of Asian, Hispanic, European, and very American ingredients. The North American continent has always been a magnet for people looking for a better life, and they have all brought food traditions with them. Trying to nail down the seasonings and styles of this large area is like trying to travel from one coast to another in a single day. It can be done, but you'll miss a lot along the way!


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