Culture Geertz Social Anthropology Essay

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It has been my practice throughout my professional career to demonstrate my knowledge of fieldwork through well developed and insightful interpretations of witnessed events among peoples I find interesting. Yet, Geertz seems to belittle this endeavor stating that those who invest in such scientific abstractions of "the personal" are not objective, but rather are subjective and cannot produce works that are systematic, reproducible, cumulative, predictive, precise or testable. It has been my experience that the results of any inquiry in social anthropology and well most of the social sciences is an attempt to record a situation in time and place, within the very context of the period as well as the people. There is no evidence that there is a need for any other goal than to record what is happening at this particular time, in this particular place among these particular people and use that knowledge to better understand culture and the dynamics of human existence.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Culture Geertz Social Anthropology Dear Assignment

Regardless of any professional and public concern, associated with what Geertz calls, a besieging of "resurgent scientism" on the one hand and "an advanced form of handwringing" on the other the discipline has clearly evolved, developed and advanced to a place that supports its practitioners in development of further ideas within a realistic set of boundaries. Geertz clearly supports the fact that the actual discipline and its illusive definition is a practical development of the inherent skills of its practitioners to allow it to evolve within a set of professional guidelines that challenge the researcher to build on the ideas and theories developed by others even in the absence of the definition of the profession. It is also likely that the discipline's actual definition is somewhere in the middle like they say, everyone has a point-of-view and an particular reality, a side to the story and somewhere in between two is often the truth that is so hard to come to. To me it seems fitting to belong to a discipline that studies "culture," a term that in and of itself has an elusive definition that cannot be expressly defined, as Geertz expresses maybe it is better to define it by what it is not, at… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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