Culture and Politics Germany Research Paper

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As can be seen, Germany can use its rich history and good quality of life to make things better for everyone. Those who immigrate and those who have little money are at a distinct disadvantage, but it does not have to remain that way. There can be freedom and opportunity for everyone in Germany, but only if those in political power are willing to create and adjust policies in order to make those opportunities easier to attain and more realistic to achieve. People who are part of the underclass are often not against working harder and doing more, but they must have government policies to help them get started, and they need societal and cultural guidance to find ways to improve their lives.


A German Underclass? What Underclass? (2006). Spiegel.

Spiegel's article on the German underclass addresses the issue from the standpoint of German politics. In general, the upper classes are looking the other way and avoiding acknowledging that there is a problem with people in the country who do not have money and who need assistance. Until and unless this issue is acknowledged by the government, nothing will get done that will make things better for those people.

Dempsey, J. (2011). German Politics Faces Grass-Roots Threat. The New York Times.

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The political parties in Germany are facing some threats from smaller organizations and coalitions that want to see real change. The multi-party system Germany has is valuable, but there are two parties in power and that can stifle other options for people who want to see change. Because of that, grass-roots threats are starting to appear sporadically as they lobby for changes to the political system.

Fulbrook, M. (1991). A Concise History of Germany. NY: Cambridge University Press.

While Germany has a very rich and complicated history, condensing it provides the reader with enough information to understand all the basics of the country including where it came from and where it may be headed in the future.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Culture and Politics Germany: How Assignment

Heckmann, F. (2003). The Integration of Immigrants in European Societies: national differences and trends of convergence (Warning Germany Has No Humor). Stuttgart: Lucius & Lucius.

It can be difficult to integrate into a society, especially if that society is not entirely welcoming to outsiders. Such has been the case with Germany, as the country has policies in place that do not welcome immigration as openly as many other countries. With that being the case, it is important to note that this is the case with other European countries, too, and may not be specific to Germany.

Meek, J. (2005). Berlin blues. The Guardian.

The changes that have taken place throughout Germany's history are significant. Now, however, there are still changes occurring -- and many of those changes are making German citizens and residents very nervous. With elections coming, many people are scared… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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