Culture of Sinhala Elite Term Paper

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Hansen gives the credible argument that the Shiv Sena's success is due to their violent attitudes to the common system of democratic process within India today and continues to discuss the globalization of the economy of India with the effects it is having upon the lives of the common folk (Hansen PG).

By looking at and comparing the studies of the two books and understanding the impact and effect that religion has upon common folk we can argue that the Hindu religion is being usurped by a political hybrid of religion and politics that only allows for religion to be voiced when it is the ideals of those in charge, bringing forth religious change so that the newer generations can strive forward with what they feel are religious restraints when in reality what they are doing is destroying a belief system that is centuries old.

At the beginning of this paper religion as a man made form was discussed, however politics like religion is man made yet sadly politics destroys the old ways and is inconsiderate of superstition or tradition, if anything stands within its path then it is subsequently passed over.


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Hansen T, B (2001) Wages of Violence: Naming and Identity in Postcolonial Bombay. Princeton Univ Pr

Hopkins (2001) [online] accessed at

TOPIC: Term Paper on Culture of Sinhala Elite and Assignment

Sen, K.M. 1961 Hinduism [online] accessed at [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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