Culture and Subculture (P Essay

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Barriers to multicultural communication include anxiety; assuming similarity instead of difference, ethnocentrism, prejudice, and stereotyping. Anxiety is a natural and understandable barrier, but one that can impede successful communications. While it is not good to assume only differences, assuming similarity projects unreasonable and unrealistic values and norms on others and therefore impedes communication. Ethnocentrism is a cluster of phenomena based on the assumption that one's own culture is superior -- or at least a basis from which to judge others. Stereotypes are generalizations that, while sometimes valid, also cause unhealthy reactions such as prejudicial attitudes and behaviors.

Nonverbal message codes (p. 114-onward)

Nonverbal message codes include proxemics (the study of personal space); kinesics (gestures and body movements); chronemics (use of or attitudes toward time); and paralanguage (vocal qualifiers like pitch; vocal characteristics like laughter; or vocal segregates like uh-huh -- p. 121); the use of silence (p. 123); haptics (use of touch during communication p. 124); clothing and other aspects of physical appearance (p. 125); territoriality (use of the physical space) and olfactics (smells).

Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis basically "establishes the relationship between language and culture: culture is controlled by and controls language," (p. 161).

Nationalism in context of language

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In the context of language, nationalism can play a major role. The relationship between nationalism and language works both ways: language influences the concept of nationhood and nationhood impacts attitudes towards language diversity. Language is a political issue. For example, other diverse societies like Canada and India have multiple official languages but the United States just has one (p. 154).

Influence of colonialism between and within cultures

Essay on Culture and Subculture (P. 6-8) Assignment

Colonialism has had an adverse impact on cultural diversity and intercultural relations. Chapter 6 refers to specific instances in which indigenous societies are attempting to revitalize their languages in order to revitalize their cultures. Colonialism generally establishes a dominant culture over a subordinate one or ones. Out of more than 300 indigenous languages in North America, for example, about half that remain (p. 160). Colonization has also influenced U.S.-Puerto Rican relations (p. 161).

Immigration policies - issues that influence multicultural communication and understanding

Countries that have had liberal immigration policies such as the United States and Canada have also developed diverse societies. These multicultural societies are characterized by the use of many different languages, which influences multicultural communication. In the United States, an emphasis on cultural assimilation has led to English-only laws and other methods of imposing linguistic conformity on non-native English speakers. This has had an adverse impact on multicultural communication and understanding (Chapter 6, general).

Perspectives on subgroup identity

Subgroup identity refers to the identification of individuals with groups within the dominant culture. Collier and Thomas suggest that each of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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