Term Paper: Current Controversial Legislative Proposals Related to Foods and Nutrition

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Obesity and Fast Food

Fast Food And Obesity

The rate of increase in obesity in America is morbidly high. According to many studies and well documented causes of obesity, it was found that obesity is directly correlated with higher consumption of fast food items. One recent report indicates that "Fast food emphasizes primordial preferences for salt and fat...This may promote overeating."(CNN) There are several other reports citing similar results. This indicates that obesity is indeed connected with fast food consumption which leads to only one logical conclusion: we must urge fast food companies to either increase the nutritional value of their food items or make them less dense in terms of fast contents and calories. As Jeffrey et al. (2006) report: "...nutritional analysis of products sold in "fast food" restaurants indicates that they are typically high in energy density, which provides a plausible mechanism through which they might promote excess energy intake"

It is thus important that fast food consumption be restricted in people at risk. But as long as this type of food is easily available, it is impossible to restrict people's intake. For this reason, we need to have legislations that would help instill a sense of social responsibility in these companies. Since the proliferation of fast food cannot be controlled through ordinary means, it would only be in the best interest of people if lawmakers and judiciary urged companies to become more responsible in the food they prepare and the people they cater to. There must be a law limiting the fat content in fast food and this kind of food must not be served to kids who are most vulnerable to developing had eating habits since they do not know about nutritional value or lack of it thereof.

It is interesting to note that while these fast food items are hugely popular among teens and young adults, they have very little nutritional value, if ay at all. This means that while a certain portion of their regular calorie intake is coming from consumption of fast… [END OF PREVIEW]

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