Current Event on USA Today Term Paper

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Current Event

Singer, Natasha. "Should You Trust Your Makeup?" The New York Times.

This article "Should you trust your makeup" by Natasha Singer in the New York Times questions the validity of current federal standards regarding beauty products. The European Union and California already have stricter standards regarding levels of toxic chemicals in makeup and skin creams. California requires cosmetics companies to tell state health authorities if a product contains any chemical on several government lists of possible cancer-causing agents or substances that may harm the reproductive system. The bill was passed in the hopes that hope that manufacturers might voluntarily eliminate suspect ingredients from cosmetics, even in trace amounts. This is controversial because no studies exist that conclusively prove that the substances under scrutiny in these cosmetics are linked to disease, although some small case reports published in medical journals suggest that a few substances used in cosmetics may affect hormone function in humans.

Most of the substances are in… [END OF PREVIEW]

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