Current Information and Communication Technologies Essay

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Healthcare Technology

The Bar Code Medication Administration System is a point of care software system for validating the correct medication is given to a patient in the correct manner (Weckman, 2009, May). It is designed to help prevent medication errors related to patient identification, correct medication, route, dosage, and timing. It contains user specified codes and electronic signatures that link to usernames.

A valid provider order is entered into the system, verified by a pharmacist, and made active. A nurse accesses the system using a specific code. The patient identification wrist band is then scanned with a handheld scanner. The nurse compares the scanner information to the wrist band, and then confirms the information is correct. A Virtual Due List appears, displaying allergies and medications due in the current time frame. The Virtual Due List is similar to a Medication Administration Record (MAR). If the nurse is administering other medications, the nurse is required to expand the Virtual Due List and record reasons for the other medication given.

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The medication bar code is then scanned to confirm it is the correct medication, route, and dosage. If a patient refuses, is unable to take the medication, or medication becomes contaminated, the nurse can undo the action and mark it not given in the medication history. The Bar Code Administration System enables access to the medication list for nurses to check to determine when medications were given at past times. It also includes features of RN Clinical Reminders for PRN effectiveness documentation and abilities to access the Vitals Package where some medications require recent vital signs before administration.

TOPIC: Essay on Current Information and Communication Technologies Assignment

If the Bar Code Administration System were more widely used, it could reduce the number of medication errors and adverse patient conditions that usually come about with medication errors. Nurses would be made more aware of mistakes in giving medication, especially in busy times when stress levels can become high. It would also give patients a higher assurance that measures are being taken to ensure safety in the medications… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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