Current Issues in Quality and Safety Term Paper

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¶ … Quality and Safety

Over the last several years, issues of quality and safety have been continually brought to the forefront surrounding health care services. This is because there have been various attempts to address the underlying problems by: creating numerous reporting systems. These are designed to: track and monitor the different safety, as well as quality issues that arise at a facility. As host of t countries have been embracing this basic approach. The problem with this kind of policy is that it is reactive to: various events that are occurring and it can ignore key problems that could be affecting a health system.

A good example of this can be seen with a study that was conducted by the British Journal of Medicine. They found that nearly 10% of patients are reporting some kind of adverse events that took place during their stay in the hospital. As these kinds of reporting systems detected and reported the problem 6% of the time. (Vincent, 2008, pp. 337 -- 345) This is troubling, because it is highlighting how despite various efforts to: address quality and safety issues, these underlying problems are continuing to remain a challenge. To fully understand what is taking place requires: identifying possible quality / safety issues, the impact that this is having on health care delivery, examining quality improvement strategies and plans to implement the policy. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights, as to how various quality and safety issues can be addressed in a health facility.

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Term Paper on Current Issues in Quality and Safety Assignment

The biggest quality / safety issue that is affecting all health care providers is: various errors from giving medication to patients. This is when you are measuring the number of mistakes that were made; when giving patients: their medications and the total number of fatalities / complications that arose (from these events). The reason why this was selected is because: the number of accidents that are taking place; will identify the overall scope of possible patient safety issues at a facility. In a study that was conducted by the British Journal of Medicine, they evaluated a variety of statics to: determine the amount of accidents that were occurring. The results were that errors were common in: 3.2% to 7.0% of all cases (depending on the study you are looking at). The below table illustrates the various results of the findings that were complied by researchers. (Vincent, 2008, pp. 337 -- 345)

Drug Administration Errors


Error Rates

Gethens 1996


Ogden 1997


Dean 2000


Franklin 2001


Franklin 2007


(Vincent, 2008, pp. 337 -- 345)

This is significant, because it is showing how the total number of errors can vary from: one health care facility to the next. As each study is highlighting, the underlying rates for these kinds of mistakes based on: safety standards inside the industry. Where, the overall amounts of volatility are: illustrating how they are not addressing this issue of patient safety. This can be seen in the various numbers that being reported among: the different studies that were examined (as some are showing a doubling in the amount of errors in comparison with other data). Therefore, this is a sign that: patient quality and safety standards are lacking inside the sector. (Vincent, 2008, pp. 337 -- 345)

Summarize the impact that this issue has on health care delivery.

The impact that this is having on a health care environment is that it is creating a culture of inefficiency. This is problematic, because the overall quality of health care services will depend upon: how responsive professionals are to the needs of the patient. When you have incidents of obvious oversights occurring, the odds increase dramatically that the staff is not focused on addressing these issues. Instead, they more than likely fell into some kind of routine, that they learned from others they are working at the facility. This is troubling, because it means that the quality of care will begin to decline rapidly. As no one is focusing on making sure that they are taking all relevant factors into account, when providing any kind medication. Over the course, of time this means that the quality of treatment will decline (as numerous safety standards are constantly ignored). Once this takes place, it means that the odds increase dramatically that the health care facility could see damage to their reputation. At which point, the operating costs will begin to mount, as many consumers… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Current Issues in Quality and Safety Term Paper

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