Curriculum Differentiated Instruction Term Paper

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Differentiated Instruction

What is differentiated instruction?

Differentiated instruction is the practice of modifying and adapting instruction, materials, content, student projects and products, and assessment to meet the learning needs of students. In a differentiated classroom, teachers recognize that all students are different and require varied teaching methods to be successful (Logsdon). Therefore, an instructor varies his or her teaching in order to create the best learning experience possible for the student instead of applying a one-size fits all approach.

How do we differentiate content?

Tomlinson (2001) provides several suggestions for differentiating content. The author suggests the use of several elements and materials to support instructional content. These include acts, concepts, generalizations, attitudes and skills. Next, the author advises the alignment of tasks and objectives to learning goals. Objectives can be written in increments steps that facilitate a continuum of skills-building tasks. The teacher can then more easily find the appropriate instructional step for learners entering at different levels. Finally, instruction should be concept-focused and principle-driven. The teacher should used broad-based instructional concepts and focus on the concepts principles and skill that the student should learn. The content should address the same concepts for all students, but it should be differentiated by the degree of complexity for the diversity of learners in the classroom.

How do we differentiate process?

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According to Logsdon, differentiated instruction includes the following processes:

Teachers review curriculum and students' special needs to plan instruction;

They include varied levels of difficulty in materials and assignments to ensure each child learns;

They keep a variety of materials near for teaching and student use;

Students with learning disabilities are accommodated

Special education students experience less segregation in resource or self-contained classrooms.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Curriculum Differentiated Instruction Assignment

Tomlinson (2001) recommends that instruction should be concept focused and principle driven. She also explains that on-going assessment of student readiness and growth should be built into the curriculum and advises teachers to guide student exploration. Tomlinson states that flexible… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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