Curriculum Framework Evaluation & Analysis Essay

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The curriculum does not reflect the needs of all students in the classroom.

No. Since it does not address the specific needs of all students, the curriculum fails to ensure the provision of quality education.

No. The curriculum does not support all students as evident in the failure to meet the specific needs of all students.

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Research-Based Strategies
  • Are there research-based strategies that can be used to support the curriculum?
  • Does the research-based strategies enhance student motivation?
Yes. There are numerous evidence-based strategies that can be used to support the curriculum.

Yes. An important component of research-based strategies is enhancing student motivation in order to improve their outcomes.

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  • Are the assessment strategies effective?
  • Are the assessment strategies supported by research?
Yes. The assessment strategies have helped to identify student performance.

Yes. The currently utilized assessment strategies in this curriculum are supported by research evidence.

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Part 3 – Curriculum Analysis

Essay on Curriculum Framework Evaluation & Analysis Assignment

The above framework for curriculum evaluation demonstrates that its has several strengths and weaknesses. In light of the rating of each of these components, the strengths of the current curriculum include effective alignment to national or state standards, support for an integrated approach to teaching, and supporting the use of different instructional methods. The other strengths include its support for research-based strategies in teaching and learning and incorporating effective student assessment measures. However, the major weakness of this curriculum is its failure to meet the needs of all students in relation to their learning capabilities. In this regard, the curriculum does not support competency-based learning, which is an essential component of curriculum planning for all students (Meo, 2008).

As previously indicated, one of the strengths of the current curriculum is its effective alignment to Common Core State Standards. The effective alignment is partly attributable to the fact that the curriculum covers two subject areas i.e. English language and Business. The state Standard that is aligned to this curriculum is PA Standard 1.2.11.A, which supports reading critically in all content areas (Pennsylvania Department of Education, 2014). This standard is also the basis with which the curriculum supports integrated approach to learning, use of different instructional methods, and essential content in different subject areas.

The current curriculum can be enhanced to support diverse learners through the incorporation of research-based methods. These methods should be incorporated in a manner that meets the needs of the culturally and linguistically diverse students in the classroom (Saravia-Shore, 2008). These strategies include embracing diversity developing and demonstrating high standards for diverse learners, individualized attention to students, developing culturally-appropriate curriculum, involving parents and guardians in their children’s learning, and using culturally-relevant teaching strategies.

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