Customer Relations Management Research Paper

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Role of Managing Technology in Call Centers Globally

Customer Relations Management

The role of managing technology in a call center is vital. This will ensure that the call center adopts the latest and best technology. Using these technologies the call center can improve its efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction, which will impact its overall performance. Managing technologies will also ensure that the call center does not maintain obsolete systems or technologies. This paper analyses call centers globally, and the role that technology management plays within a call center.

A call center is a centralized location or office that is mainly used for transmitting or receiving requests via telephone Sharp, 2003.

The location of the call center could be either within the organization, or an organization can outsource the services. There are many companies that offer call center services for corporate and medium sized organizations. There are two kinds of call centers outbound and inbound. Inbound call centers handle all incoming calls for an organization. The calls are usually made by customers making inquiries regarding company products, or reporting faults. Outbound call centers are used for marketing purposes. This is also referred to as telemarketing. Outbound call centers only deal with making calls, and they rarely receive any calls from customers.

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Inbound call centers use an automatic call distributor for routing the calls within the call center to the agents. This system ensures that calls are routed evenly, and no agent is overworked. The system also checks to see the available agent to ensure that a customer is not kept on hold for too long. Outbound call centers employ predictive dialers, which dial calls based on a provided list. The predictive dialer will ensure that the call is answered before it is transferred to an agent. The system also searches for an available agent and routes the call to him/her. This way the system ensures the dialed number does not get dropped, and an agent handles the call. The inbound and outbound systems used for receiving and making calls also have the capabilities for logging all calls, recording the calls, and registering the agent who handled the call.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Customer Relations Management Assignment

A call center needs a competent person who is able to analyze the system reports and determine how they can increase productivity. A call center manager should be experienced especially in technological advances, and they need to remain abreast with the latest technology. This will ensure that the call center is operating optimally, and challenges are mitigated early enough.

Technology is the key driving factor in the management and operation of call centers globally Butler, 2004.

Technology allows for calls to be routed from the organization's office to its call center without any delays. Companies that have outsourced their customer service to offshore companies require their customer requests to be handled promptly. Leveraging on technology a call center is able to provide this service and the customer will not be aware the agent is located in a different location. Having the latest technology in the call center will ensure that the systems are operating optimally and managing the call center will be easier.

Role of managing technology

The role of managing technology involves the management discipline, which allows an organization in managing its technological functions in order to gain some competitive advantage Loader & Biggs, 2002.

This will involve the technology strategy, technology forecasting, technology project portfolio, technology portfolio, and technology road mapping. The technology management function within a call center will be charged with understanding the value of various technologies. It will be required to continuously develop technologies that will add value to the call center, customers, and employees. Decisions regarding investing in technology are solely handled by this function. This function will determine and recommend the technologies the call center should invest in, and when to invest. This way a call center is able to reap the benefits and remain competitive. Obsolete technologies will need to be withdrawn from the call center as they might lead to losses. Decisions regarding when a technology has become obsolete will also be handled by the technology management function of the call center.

Call centers in the United States and overseas require the same technologies in order to operate efficiently and successfully. The technologies employed in any call center are geared towards improving efficiency, increasing productivity, servicing customer requests, and reducing the costs of operating the call center. Since the majority of call center are normally outsourcing their services for other companies, the call center that can reduce its operating costs and remain efficient in service delivery will surely have an advantage over its competitors.

Technology strategy

In managing technology, technology strategy is referred to as the overall organization plan. This plan consists of the principles, objectives and tactics regarding how the organization will use technologies Shane, 2008.

In call centers, technology strategy will focus on the agents who will use the technologies, and the technologies themselves. Agents will be required to make use of the technologies in the call center in handling all customer requests, inquiries, and complaints. This way the call center will be able to monitor the call center's inbound and outbound calls. Having a technology strategy will ensure that all employees understand how technologies should be used within the call center. This way the call center will be using its technologies efficiently, and agents will exploit the technology in manners that add or create value to the call center.

The technology strategy will also provide information and explain how the technologies will contribute to the call centers overall business strategy and corporate strategy. Technology strategies are normally long-term, and they are not like the annual business strategies. Technology strategies are developed for three to five years. This way any new technology will have served the call center, and returns on investment will have been achieved. Call centers invest in the latest technologies, but these technologies need to contribute towards the call center gaining some competitive advantage over its rivals.

Technology forecasting

Technology forecasting involves the identification of technologies that will possibly benefit the call center in the future Millett & Honton, 1991.

Forecasting attempts to predict future changes in technology and how they will impact the call center. Using forecasting the call center can be prepared for adoption of new technologies, and improve its efficiency. This way the call center will manage to improve its services using the latest technologies. Employing technology forecasting, the call center is able to identify emerging technologies and how they will impact the organization. Once technologies have been identified methods of channeling these technologies into the call center can be identified. Channeling of technology related information into the call center is also possible using technology forecasting. Methods of technology forecasting like technology scouting can be used supporting the acquisition of new technologies. This way management will have vital information before any technology is acquired.

The primary focus of technology forecasting is the characteristics of technology like technical performance of servers, speed of data processing and reduced consumption of power. Technology forecasting does not provide information regarding how the characteristics of the new technology will be achieved in the call center. Forecasting is involved with only useful technologies, procedures, techniques and equipment. This does not include techniques or services for luxury or amusement.

Technology project portfolio

This analyses the projects that are currently under development. These are projects within the call center. The projects indicate the timeline for completion and how they will impact the call center. Technology project portfolio provides information to management regarding the status of projects within the call center, and also provides information regarding their scheduled completion. The projects will include software development, system development, and equipment installations.

Project portfolio is vital in managing technology, as call center managers are able to anticipate when the new project will be completed and their expected results. Using this information management is able to prepare corporate strategies that will ensure the successful completion of undergoing projects.

Technology portfolio

The technologies that are currently in use within the call center are provided for in the project portfolio. The portfolio allows management to understand the technologies been used and their impact in the call center Maizlish & Handler, 2010.

Having knowledge of the technologies in use allows manager to prepare their reports based on the likely outcome of the technologies.

Each technology is analyzed indicating its use in the call center, when it was installed, how the technology contributes to the call center's performance, and its reporting capabilities. This information is vital to employees and managers as they know what each technology does and how it should be used. Using these information employees will ensure that they employ the correct technology in the performance of their work. This will improve the performance of the call center as the technologies are provided for easing the workload and improving performance.

Technology road mapping

Technology road mapping is the process of mapping technologies to market and business needs. This is done… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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