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[. . .] Identity theft is basically all about gaining access of the personal and the confidential information about individuals and companies which is then used to open bank accounts, to get control over the finances, to pay utilities and set up several systems all in the name of the another individual or a company. Identity theft is a negative consequence of the cyber world which is automatically becoming a wide social problem. Identity theft is becoming easier because of the technological boom. In other words, the use of credit cards, ATMs and other online purchases are a key to the disclosure of personal information. Kimball (2007) also proposes almost 10 million such cases who have become a victim of identity theft in 2005 in U.S.

Research: Theories and Statistics

In a similar manner, on the perspective of identity theft, cyber crime is also associated with phishing. This is the way in which personal information which comes under the control of the spammer who with the help of bulk emails tend to persuade individuals to give out their personal details. This process is faster than the usual scam emails. It takes approximately 14 hours to get hold of the personal information. For this reason, phishing is a serious criminal activity and a social problem because of the number of hazards which are attached to it (Mindlin, 2005). In real, the personal information can be gained in a number of ways; by imitating or taking up the identity of a well-known company and circulating emails from that specific name, or simply via the spoofed websites.

In addition to the usage of this information for personal gains and financial benefits, such details are often sold. This again adds into the risk for the users of the cyber world. Despite the efforts put in to enforce laws and other regulations to control such criminal activities, phishing cannot be stopped. The personal information obtained through different means is sold on the internet which attracts several buyers like companies, traders and more. Moreover, the traders are eventually rated on the quality of the stolen information. The cycle keeps on proceeding when the buyers continue to send such malicious emails to these individuals (Zeller, 2005).

Furthermore, pharming is an extension to the concept of phishing where the computers are secretly installed with a malicious virus or software. Consequently, a website might appear to be legitimate but would actually be bogus. The user would enter his personal details on this website considering it to be authentic. In this way, his information would strike the hands of the scammer. Hence, phishing and pharming are a serious threat to the masses and is eventually growing and enlarging as a social problem. These procedures of identity theft taking place because of the cyber crimes automatically forces the executives to look into the ways to protect their company and the privacy of their employees. It exposes them to the dangers associated with the use of the internet. Consequently, failing to enact the proper required security measures would actually make their companies to run out of the business (Mitchell, 2005). Cyber crime automatically infects the setups of big organizations. Not only this, the company might also lose customers because of the hazards of the cyber world. This is because if customers find it unsafe to use the internet, they will automatically spend less on the products that they used to purchase online. Furthermore, the threat to the security of their personal information would also make them minimize the use of the internet. If the security issue of a business is publicized, it will automatically lose its customer risking the growth and progress of the company (Mitchell, 2005).

As a matter of fact, the internet is a gateway to a revolutionized world where communication is at peak. The cyber world has automatically reduced the distance created by time and space. In other words, forming online relationships and then becoming a victim of this socialization, is an ugly truth of the cyber world. In this regard, another common by product of cyber crimes is cyber abuse. This is seen to exist in a number of forms like cyber bullying, stalking, sexual abuse, pornography and more. Research suggests that the greatest victim of this crime is the youth. Studies show the increase in the number of cases victimized because of cyber stalking from 6% seen in 2000 to 9% in 2005. Amongst them, the most vulnerable age group is that of the youth. This is verified by the substantial percentage of approximately 34% who were found to have reported to become subject to involuntary online sexual abuse Experience of cyber stalking increased, to 9% of youths in 2005 from 6% in 2000 (Wolak et al., 2006). This is a sensitive matter which needs direct attention of the law enforcers in order to secure the youth.


Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying in common language is understood as a voluntary action to harm another person via the use of electronic communication; either through a computer or a cell phone. It is a result of cyber crime and has serious consequences attached with it. Cyber bullying is a form of harassment which is either in the form of physical abuse, or can also be done via the use of forums and public platforms.

Research: Theories and Statistics

Despite the number of ways through which it is implemented, it comes with many psychological and physical threats for everyone; especially the youth. According to Hinduja S. (2005), cyber bullying is a source of stress and tension for the victims who often go astray and take the deviant path as a coping strategy. Moreover, children would also feel threatened offline because of the harassment they are facing online. In this way, they would not only be pre-occupied with the tension but would also take preventive measures in order to keep away from whatever they are experiencing. This would automatically negatively impact their academic performance, relationships and their behavior in different aspects. Hence, cyber bullying has far reaching damaging consequences which can ruin the complete personality of the victim.

The treacherous impact of cyber bullying can be assessed by the facts stated by researchers. In this regard, Lepkowska (2007) brings in notice the increase in female victimization that can be completely attributed to cyber bullying. He says that an increase from 14.5% in 2002 to approximately 20.6% in 2006 is seen to exist. Cyber bullying is considered as one of the most famous ways to intimidate and threaten people where individuals especially teenagers and children who have been the victim are frequently seen with the symptoms of fright, sleeping and eating difficulties. Moreover, cyber bullying also results in individuals being socially withdrawn and engaging in several deviant behaviors. This is usually done via MSN Messenger, the social networking websites, and other areas of the cyber world. Hence, these results and behavioral damage show the extent to which this result of cyber crime is harmful for the society.


Intelligence, scrutiny and precaution are some of the ways that every individual must possess and thereby implement in the cyber world in order to be safe from the disruptive effect of the cyber and technology crimes.

The foremost way to be secure from internet scam and fraud is to realize the reality of the virtual world and understand the rule that the cyber world contains people who are not what they actually seem to be. Their motives and goals can neither be easily distinguished nor guessed. In every such situation, individuals must be cautious in order to save themselves from risking their money, health and thus the complete self. It is important to be aware of the ways in which cyber crimes pervade over the internet. For this reason, people are required not to reply to the junk or bulk emails and never share their personal and financial information over the internet. In a similar manner, everyone must not judge or be intrigued by the flashy opportunities of a website or an email thread. A person must be educated regarding these safety measures so that he deals with such scams in a smart manner. In addition to the list of precautions essential for every man to incorporate in the use of the cyber world, elders including the teachers and parents must educate their children about the ways in which they can become a victim of cyber crime. They must be strictly and openly told about the hazards attached with disclosing personal details and getting into sexual activities over the internet. Close surveillance at the part of the elders is also necessary in order to secure the child from the faults of the cyber world.

Hence, the above mentioned problems are only some of the cyber crimes. In other words, the cyber world is full of danger and risks. As a result, it is not only a symbol of progress… [END OF PREVIEW]

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