Cyberspace as the Most Dominant Essay

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Technologies making cyberspace a vital empire


IPv6 is the intended successor to IPv4. For most internet connections, the protocol used for communications is IPv4. IPv6 allows for more IP addresses than IPv4, as it uses a new addressing system. The new addressing system allows for 3.4 x 10-38 IP addresses approximately, because it uses 128-bit addresses unlike IPv4 which uses 32-bit addresses. The new addressing system can handle the increasing number of devices connecting to the internet. This technology will also simplify the address assignment aspects, and will inform the user when they change their wireless connection provider.

Cloud computing

Delivering of storage, and computing capacity to the community as a service is referred to as cloud computing. Cloud computing reduces the need for end-users to have physical infrastructures and instead they can lease out the infrastructure Yan, 2010.

This reduces the amounts needed for them to have storage or access to services on the internet. With cloud computing, end-users only need a web browser for them to access the services from their cloud. Since cloud computing allows for the sharing of resources, this reduces the costs to run and operate the service for the end-users.

Optical computing

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The use of photons which are produced by diodes or lasers instead of electrons will increase the computing power of machines. This is because photons travel much faster and they can carry more data because of their higher bandwidth. Currently computers are using electrons which move in-an-out of transistors. Majority of research is focusing on replacing the computer components with optical components.


Essay on Cyberspace as the Most Dominant Assignment

VOIP is a computer technology which allows for transmission of voice or telephone calls using the internet. The technology sends the voice data using packets instead of the circuit transmissions that were used traditionally. VOIP calls do not have an extra charge apart from the cost the user pays for the internet connection and access, just in the same way a person is not charged for sending an email Halloran, 2011.

This makes the technology much cheaper, safer and faster to use for the transmission of voice calls.

Wireless networking

Connection of devices to the internet without using cables is the type of network referred to as a wireless network. These networks allow homes, enterprises, and telecommunication networks to avoid using cables within their networks and buildings. These cables are costly to install and are prone to failures that can be caused by many factors. Wireless network use radio waves for its implementation and administration.

3/4G technologies

3G and 4G technologies are the third and fourth generation mobile phone communication standards. 4G is the successor to 3G, and it provides ultra-broadband mobile internet access. Unlike the earlier versions, 4G networks use Internet Protocol-based communications instead of the circuit-switched services used traditionally. 4G networks can also carry higher bit rates than the 3g network.


SCADA refers to computer systems that control and monitor infrastructure, or industrial processes. Infrastructure processes include water treatment and distribution, collection and treatment wastewater, pipelines and larger communication systems. Production, manufacturing, power generation, and fabrication are some of the examples of industrial processes. Majority of the control actions do not need any human interaction they are performed automatically by the systems.


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