D'arcy Jones Design Essay

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House: The Jones house

The Jones house certainly questions the familiar. It is an unadorned two story gray block of a building with no visible windows or apertures. It is a single-family dwelling that offers a contrast between the greenery surrounding it and the conventional suburban cottages.

It appears robust and heavy on the one hand, and yet, possibly light and minimal on the other with its contrast of the slender wood pillars that cut into it and serve for entrances.

As Dubbledam and Sheppard (2009) remark it "is carefully composed around the inventive use of common materials." Solid gray brick manifest its matter, and the entire is constructed in three rectangular square and solid blocks that complement each other, with barely visible panes for windows that appear on a withdrawn side of the building. Altogether, it is a well-proportioned block of a building.

Whether the building is optimistic depends on the opinion of the perceiver but it certainly is contextually logical, astute and critical in that it is replete with philosophical connotations in a post modernistic manner and seems to present a stable and solid presence in a suburban context.

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In a manner of speaking, the house does seem to evade the reality of suburbia by importing some of the atmosphere of an urban environment and by obscuring the inhabitants from the reality around them. In this manner, they oppose the monster homes and McMansions of contemporary living by retreating to a simpler, more unvarnished style stark naked in a manner of speaking of any of the pretensions of contemporary suburban sprawl and villas.

D'Arcy Jones has won awards for his innovative ideas about dwellings cohering to their landscape. It is difficult to imagine the Jones house fitting into its landscape. Rather, its stands out like a sore thumb, but, on the other hand, when one considers that suburbia is supposed to constitute fresh, unrestrained tracts of nature, D'Arcy probably succeeds in capturing that atmosphere with his architecture more than any of the typical suburban homes do.

TOPIC: Essay on D'arcy Jones Design Assignment

Dubbledam and Sheppard (2009) remark that DJD strives for "beauty, generosity, and ambition" and endeavor to replicate this via a "continuous conversation between form and site, space and climate, user and enclosure."

D'Arcy has been said to overcome cliches with a strong vision. Jeremy Sturgess remarked that his "projects are singularly appropriate to their sites without becoming nostalgic or pretentious.'" (Weder, 2008). The Jones house is certainly not pretentious or nostalgic, and its very simplicity makes it cohere to its rustic surrounding in an innovative way that, compared to the contrast of the overly sentimentalized homes around it, is bound to shock at first sight.

D'Arcy's architecture is promoted as characterizing "Timeless form, substantial materials and a modern sensibility" All of these can be evidenced in the Jone's house that likely does not take up more space than the standard suburban dwelling but, constructed of solid and uncluttered material seems to do so and to be spatially preoccupied with its surroundings.


The McLellan-Saddy renovation

The McLellan-Saddy renovation is less of a shocker than the Jones House. A one-storied building, it is brilliantly lit and provides a warm contrast to the environment constructed in earthy wood and offering floor to ceiling transparent glass so that privacy is a nonentity. Warmth and light floods the dwelling. It is mainly constructed of oak with slender gray brick walls barely seen that exist simply to sandwich it and hold it in place. Along with D'Arcy's intention to infuse it with growth and productivity, the dwelling is structured in such a way that plants run along its side and border it. This is truly an example of a 'tectonic strategy that question[s] the familiar, whilst subtly transforming it into something fresh" (Dubbledam & Sheppard, 2009). Prominent, too, is the contrast between the robust -- the barley seen brick walls that support the dwelling -- and the 'transparent, light and minimal on the other' that is composed of glowing oak and sliding glass apertures.

The entire renovation again is solid and in its communication with earth, shrubs, natural wood, and sky, the building exhales a "continuous conversation between form and site, space and climate, user and enclosure." In his manner, it is profoundly contextual with… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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