daily log of substance abuse reduction Chapter

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At last the activities of the day came to an end. Everyone rushed in all directions, clearly preoccupied with the activities of the weekend that they all wanted so badly to delve into. I was more than happy that at last I had the chance to get out of the routine work environment, head home and engage in social activities and recreational activities that would give me a reprieve and relief from the monotonous boring school work. As I walked into the house, the need to beat the craving for the 4pm cigar was clear in my mind. I know I have to engage in other activities to distract me from the craving for the cigars. The week had ended and I was focused on enjoying the weekend without excessively getting involved in drug use. It is usual for me to go join friends in the night for football game and there smoke a few cigars. After the games we often went to clubs in our group of friends only and have some drinks and smoke some more cigars for the better part of the night. This is repeated on Saturday night and it makes weekends full of adrenaline and interesting as well. This Friday I decided to follow the normal routine but I vowed not to smoke any cigar, a declaration that, though hard to keep, I nevertheless managed to pull through at the end of the night out. Back home in the night and I felt like something is not right, something feels missing and it is because I had not smoked any cigar the entire week and even the long Friday night that I spent with friends in the party and drinking. Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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As I go to sleep, I have this feeling that I am denying myself something that I should not deny myself, that cigar in the evening and anytime I wanted to smoke. There is this feeling in me that if I smoked I would be getting the better things of the world and having far much better quality life than the current time when I am trying to quit smoking. The resolve was real and there was no looking back on smoking.

Day 6-09/30

Chapter on the daily log of substance abuse reduction Assignment

It is a happy start of the day since there is no going to work. Saturday means a lot of relaxing at home and ensuring I catch up with friends both physically in the neighborhood and over the internet. I am aware of the drug reduction program I am in and I would like to see my first weekend away from the cigars. The craving for the two cigars has not gone but I have to resist the temptation and keep to the positive activities that will not lead to smoking of cigar.

The afternoon hours were spent with friends watching football games since this is a football season. My mind rushed to the 4pm cigar but I refused to bulge to the urge midway the day and got on with my activities as usual. Friends made a great contribution to the smoking of the cigar, especially those who smoke cigar and I tried my best to resist this. As the night set in, we decided to get into partying mode and went to the nightclubs as is our norm. We had a few drinks and kept moving from one nightclub to another. All through these activities, I was able to resist cigar smoking and instead shared with friends how proud I was having decided to get into a program that would see me quit cigar smoking. In my mind, there was a feeling that I would be having more fun and a more fulfilled life with peers over the weekend if I smoked cigar like they do. It was a sign of opulence and the taste of the cigar was refreshing, but I kept committed to the path towards quitting smoking and the entire day passed without me smoking, not even the 10pm cigar.

Day 7-10/01

This Sunday started with a complete hangover for the cigar as early as I woke up, I had the craving for the two cigars per day that I used to smoke on a daily basis. I foresaw the day ahead as a boring one since I would be struggling to miss my 4pm cigar and worse still the 10pm cigar smoking yet the following day would be a Monday when I will be expected to report to work. The coming day would be a day filled with activities, with students having come from a weekend, there would be much work than any other day of the week. Assignments given to students on Friday will be coming up on Monday morning and backed with the normal work pressure, it is bound to be a boring and long day.

Being a football season, I went to watch football games as usual with friends, being careful not to allow myself to get into the trap of smoking cigar at all costs. We enjoyed watching the games and interacting with friends, sharing the events of the weekend night outs and the interesting episodes that each experienced. As the nigh drew on, we went to nightclub to relax and have fun as a motivation for Monday and a new week that would be coming up with the challenges as usual. The day ended early since each person wanted to go get some rest for tomorrow early schedule. As I went home alone at the end of it all, I felt like there was something I missed, something I was so much used to doing in the past but now no longer available. I had a feeling that if only I would get back to smoking cigar then it would be a fulfillment of a void that was created by leaving out cigar.

Day 8-10/02

This was Monday, a boring Monday morning it was and with the long day ahead, I dearly craved for the cigar that I so fondly smoked in the past. This would at least make my day better at 4 pm when I come from work and at 10pm just to make me prepared for the next day. I rose to the activities of the day ahead, trying my best to ensure that the stress of the day does not lead me to relapse into smoking cigar while at work. It was a good feeling that I had gone an entire week without smoking the 4pm and 10pm cigar and this gave me real motivation that it is possible to reduce on the substance abuse. However, every now and then the pressures of work made me look forward to evening when I finally leave the school compound and go smoke some fine cigar and drown the stress of the day.

Evening came and as I walked home I was aware of the urge to smoke and the commitment that I had, never to allow such to distract me from my main goal. Mondays have therapeutic football games that I often go to watch at the local restaurant and pass time. There were a lot of people smoking cigars in the cigar bar, an act that I would do in the past as the games continued but for this time I stayed true to my course and resisted the urge and instead once I was done with my dinner, I never stayed long but left for home to continue watching the games from home.

Day 9 -10/03

The Tuesday started well though boring as the routine work that I engage in teaching social studies is one of the most boring jobs I have ever engaged in. This boredom often made me miss getting my hand on the cigar at 4pm and ultimately close the night with one at 10pm. However, I always reminded myself while at work that I had a target to meet and a reduction of drugs to ensure I meet. Tuesdays always comes with open house and after the winding up of this at Junior High School I really felt like smoking cigars just to drown the worries for the day but I a resisted the urge. Berta, a close friend often comes in handy in helping me keep to my course since she always encourages me and on this particular day after the open day she spent significant time with keeping my spirit high. I managed to avoid the 4pm and 10pm craving for cigar in as much as I had a great craving that ordinarily would lead me to getting involved in the same.

Day 10-10/04

The quest to freeing myself from cigar smoking is one that has taught me a lot of patience and discipline to this moment. The craving for the 4pm and 10pm was still on and it kept coming every now and then in the course of the day. I am sitting in the office doing my work but I keep thinking of when the day… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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