Dance and Bones Essay

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, 2011). Disordered eating and amenorrhea also combine to create "synergistic effects in decreasing bone mineral density," (Friesen, et al., 2011, p. 31). Low bone mineral density increases the risk of bone fractures in both sexes, making dietary health and nutrition awareness particularly important to professionals hoping to maintain a long and successful career. It is worth noting that Caucasian women are at a greater risk for low bone density and other RED-S factors vs. African-American women. Still, all dancers should be made aware of the consequences of disordered eating on their health and their career.

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The three most important ideas dancers can learn from literature on RED-S include the importance of self-awareness, balance, and evidence-based nutrition. What professional dancers need to know is how to maintain equilibrium while also remaining competitive. Regular hormonal testing may help identify at-risk populations, such as those with persistent menstrual irregularities. Eating disorders have a number of different etiologies, including psychological causes that may extend beyond the realm of dance instructors. As Mountjoy et al. (2014) notes, dancers who resist recommended changes to diet may have psychological issues impeding their ability to intake the necessary nutrients bones need to restore themselves. Dance is an especially stressful sport for bones, due to the load-bearing factors and repetitive stress associated with the movement. Dietary considerations also come into play with professionals intending to maintain a specific aesthetic in their physique. Nutrition awareness can coincide with professional dancing, so long as dancers remain aware of the dangers associated with disordered eating and hormonal irregularities.


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Hoch, et al. (2011). Association between the female athlete triad and endothelial dysfunction in dancers. Clin J. Sport Med 21(2), 119-125.

Essay on Dance and Bones Assignment

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