Dangers of Fracking for Natural Gas Essay

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Fracking Harmful to Human, Environment and Ecosystem

The recent explosion of the fracking method of extracting natural gas in many states has raised several health, environmental and even moral concerns among the people within whom the fracking is being conducted. As an elected representative of the people, there is need for me to take up the issue with the emerging incidences and claims and some verified facts to effectively deal with the challenges so that the people under my jurisdiction do not have to suffer the same way people from other states are now in discontent and apathy.

The fracking method of natural gas extraction, though taunted to be cheap and safe, the evidence has contravened the safety claims as claimed by the fracking companies. The fracking process leads to injection of water, mixed with chemicals into the underground gas reservoirs to release the trapped gas. In this process, the water sources like deep wells are also affected by the cracking of the layers of the earth since the process creates some sort of minor earthquake within the earth crust. This leads to the leaking of gas into the water wells rendering it unusable. There have been cases of tap water from the well being able to be lit due to the gas that comes with it. The water makes consumers sick from stomach complications to other more serious conditions like developing tumors and cancer of the brain.

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The chemicals used are also not environment friendly, particularly considering that once they are refuse water after use the disposal methods are not adequate, with most being sprayed into the atmosphere to evaporate. This introduces the chemicals into the atmosphere which eventually come back down as acid rain, a fact that totally pollutes the environment.

Essay on The Dangers of Fracking for Natural Gas Assignment

The numbers of reagents and chemicals that are used in the process have remained shadowed in secrecy with no company ready to make public all the chemicals used. It is estimated that there are over… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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