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Spartan males were raised to be warriors and Spartan females were raised to be subservient and serve Spartan males. Examining the system, it is clear that Spartan women suffered from systemic political gender discrimination, but it is equally clear that the rigid gender roles deprived Spartan males of many of the aspects of life generally considered critical for happiness and good mental health. In fact, the Spartan ideal for manliness was one of physical perfection, so that imperfect male infants were left to die or placed into slavery. This is one way where Spartan males were placed to a much higher standard than Spartan females. Males were also deprived of significant maternal contact and comfort; they were raised by wet-nurses and they were not shown affection. Moreover, childhood was very short for a Spartan male; at seven years of age, they were sent to military school where they began their training as warriors. This schooling lasted eleven years, and they learned a variety of physical skills at the school. Much of their schooling was brutal and very abusive by modern standards; the boys were beaten, whipped, subjected to intentional pain, forced to go without shoes, starved, and deprived even the comfort of a nice bed. Though they may have had political power, Spartan males were denied much of what it means to be a social human being. Boys who could not make it through this rigorous training were permitted to become merchants, rather than soldiers, but they could not become citizens. Even when a Spartan warrior married, he lived away from his wife and children until he was thirty. This separation actually afforded Spartan women a higher degree of freedom than other Greek women, though they had no political rights.

Term Paper on Dark Age and the Archaic Assignment

While Spartan females had some freedom, most Greek women did not and were actually required by law to spend most of their lives in their homes. For example, while Athenian males were given educations, Athenian women received no formal education, had no legal rights, and had no economic rights. Women were seen as mechanisms of reproduction as well as being responsible for running the household. Athenian men did not have to meet the same rigid gender roles as Spartan males, which suggests that the more rigid the expectations on Greek men, the greater freedom the corresponding Greek women may have experienced in daily life, simply because men were absent from that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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