Healthcare Improvement Institute Dashboard Essay

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It takes the entire team to achieve quality care. Teamwork should therefore be embraced so that the sick can receive care to the required standards, whether within the hospital or at their homes (Pak & Hanlon, 2018).

When dealing with inpatients, caregivers are normally faced with varying degrees of illnesses, the pressing need to reduce the length of stay (LOS), and the harmonization of handoffs between several experts. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement fully understands the importance of rules of conduct in eliminating medical blunders and boosting the quality of patient care. Nurses use their education and experience to improve their communication skills and adhere to laid out rules of conduct. This results in improved standards of care for all patients. By focusing on a handful of caregivers , it is easier to follow the stipulated rules of conduct (Heath, 2017).

Patient safety can be realized by adequately collaborating with patients and giving heed to their opinions. It is very important for the caregivers to have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of patient care so as to reduce the likelihood of medical blunders. Vital health information should always be availed to the sick people. The patients should also be able to read clinician notes. This works to arrest any errors before they get out of hand. Patients are known to be able to easily detect errors when they go through their own EHR data. Cleanliness in and around the hospital must be taken seriously as it is a sure device in enhancing patient safety. Cleanliness prevents the already sick patients from acquiring other conditions by transfer from other patients (Heath, 2017).

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Patient safety is very beneficial to the patients themselves. Death rates are likely to be reduced when medical blunders are avoided. The hospitals also gain a lot when the death rates are reduced. Insurance firms may charge lower premiums since the risks are reduced. The hospitals are also in a good position to uphold transparency since they will essentially have nothing to hide. In the long run, the general society enjoys the fruits of quality patient care (Pak & Hanlon, 2018).

Essay on Healthcare Improvement Institute Dashboard Assignment

Sleep is very important in the recovery process of patients. Disruptions should be avoided at all costs. As such, caregivers should be careful on what times they wake up patients for the purpose of tests. Quality patient care goes beyond exciting the patient. It is very important to ensure the patient is free from all danger, especially those that can be avoided. Caregivers should focus their efforts on the patients for a wholesome experience for both the parties (Pak & Hanlon, 2018).

For instance, caregivers should never ignore any calls by the patients. They should also frequent the wards regularly to cater for the needs of the patients. It is required of them to monitor the patients closely and know how they are faring. When patient needs are met in such a proactive manner, no patient will ever need to summon the nurses into the wards, unless it is absolutely necessary (Heath, 2017).


The standards of care for patients and their safety thereof can only be realized when teamwork is fully embraced by the different stakeholders in the healthcare sector. The physician in charge is tasked with managing the team of caregivers. The likelihood of medical blunders is intensified by the practice of handoffs in the course of patient treatment. The requirement by the government to switch to electronic medical records has in a way made patient care more complex. Caregivers can succeed by applying the same principles in treating patients with matching conditions.

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