Data Breach Case Study

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Twitter Breach

As technology and humans continue to learn how to act with one another, many valuable lessons can be learned from this process. Today, the internet and the rapid connectivity that this piece of technology allows, has solved many old problems but has created many new issues as well. The purpose of this essay is to describe and detail a data breach that has occurred recently. Specifically, this writing will describe the details of the Associated Press'(AP) recent Twitter hack that caused a national panic. This essay will examine the AP and its business model before looking at the specific information that was stolen. Additionally the breach itself will be broken down to help understand how this breach happened and how it may be prevented in the future.

The AP is a long trusted and well respected news outlet that sets the pace for the news cycles of the day. It is therefore extremely important that AP's product is based on fact and dictates the actual truth. Recently the AP's Twitter account was hacked in late April 2013. A false tweet was issued from an unknown source and the content of the information caused a chain of events that witnessed temporary panic and anxiety throughout the media and news industry.

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Greenfield (2013) detailed this attack in her article that exposed a large and looming threat to any organization or business that conducts operations on the internet. The tweet stated "Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured." As a result " the stock market took an instant nose dive and made just as instant recovery in response to the alarming tweet from the AP account to its hundreds and thousands of followers."

Case Study on Data Breach Case Study Assignment

In this case the sensitive information stolen was actually disinformation. Here the hackers used trickery and deception to alter stock markets and cause panic. The true gain of this ploy has not been discovered as of yet and demonstrates the vulnerability of news media which threatens the veracity of what can be accepted from institutional sources. The AP's role is to provide accurate information to help keep the masses up-to-date on issues that are essential, and when this ideal is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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