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The awareness to legal and ethical considerations regarding the social media is also observed through statistical analysis of the results. The conclusion and recommendation will also base the survey results to analyzemost important aspects of the training required by law enforcement agencies (Fresenko, 2010).

Question 3:

Role of Social media's in spreading lawlessness: Case study of London Riots in 2011.

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The role of social media is regarded as a critical in the changing technological paradigm. The instant availability of a platform to express one's opinion, reaction, and claims is one of the notable advancement in communications. The friends and family members living in different geographical locations are connected through a social media wall. The individual users update their status and information regarding any event occurring in their surroundings. The scope of the events could range from personal to national and international. The information is shared within the real time across the connections. As a result the connected people share, comment, and spread the word around multiple users. The impact of touching social events is observed across communities and an instant response situation is created for the governments, law enforcement agencies, and related governmental bodies. It not only requires a rapid response but at the same time creates a chaotic situation for law enforcement agencies to respond at social media and at the same time correct the situation. These situations are observed in various global and international events. The London riots in 2011 are a classical example of spreading a lawless situation.

Term Paper on Data Collection Includes Survey Form, Assignment

The research is based on the case study of London Riots and role of social media in spearing the scope of riots. The role of social media campaign in creating a hopeless situation within few hours is investigated using the qualitative research method. The qualitative paradigm of study is fulfilled through critical review of available literature. The case study of London riots is also considered in line with the qualitative research methods. The impact of social media engagement of law enforcement agencies with public is also investigated in accordance with the qualitative method of research based on the findings of Denef, Bayerl, and Kaptein (2013).

Question 4:

Social media is helpful in facilitating law enforcement: Case Study forLeveraging Government Services.

The qualitative research is focused to draw the findings on the basis of work done by Clarke, B. (2012). The case study method is used to reflect the basic motives and reasons for the rioters to turn it into a lawless situation. The profiling information should also be used by government agencies to proactively advise governments and facilitate law enforcement agencies in carrying out their duties. The case study is used to address the issues related to construct profiling information and examining the possibility of the governments to address these issues. The profile information can be used in various negative and positive perspectives. The individuals are most likely to update their personal information in social media pages. The governments can monitor the relevance of the profile information and assess the public opinions to correct concerns raised through various communities. The possibility of addressing the issues in relation to the concerns can also deploy qualitative and quantitative approach. The study however is based on qualitative format in order to formulatepossibleframework of constructs to address the research questions.

The legal aspects, possibilities, and implications of the recommendations area also viewed in relation to the relevant laws. The cyber laws as well as security of personal information is also a notable issue that should be addressed in conjunction to the recommendations of the research to encourage governments in profiling the user information, assessing, and utilization for various purposes. The privacy statements and compliance with information security regulations are also related issues for addressing during the research initiative.


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Fresenko, V.L. (2010). Social media integration into state-operated fusion centers and local law enforcement potential uses and challenges (Doctoral dissertation, Monterey, California Naval Postgraduate School).

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