Data Management Systems Essay

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Healthcare Information Management Systems

Why is user resistance -- particularly from nurses and physicians -- often considered the greatest obstacle to successfully implementing patient-centric management systems?Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Data Management Systems Assignment

Resistance to change is by far the most costly and commonly cited reason for all systems within a hospital to not attain their fullest potential. The lack of adoption for patient-centric management systems can be attributed to resistance to change and fear of what the new systems will do to re-align or change job priorities and status (Tan, Payton, 2010). Health Information Management Systems (HIMS) are often rejected due to these factors and those the systems are designed to support and streamline the work of often minimize their use and make them over time, less valuable from a data use and analysis standpoint. There are many allegories between patient-centric management systems and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems throughout manufacturing and services companies. CRM systems typically experience a 70% failure rate due to resistance to change (Foss, Stone, Ekinci, 2008). When a new CRM system is deployed it is common for the sales, marketing and even executive management teams to openly question tis value and see it as more of an intrusion than a tool for getting more work done (Foss, Stone, Ekinci, 2008). In many respects, nurses, physicians and the staffs of clinics are also exhibiting the same rejection of new systems by not allowing them to change their jobs, even if there is the potential to increase their performance as a result (Tan, Payton, 2010). As any new change to how information is used in a healthcare organization will also bring a change in status, every person who relies on the information included is clearly cautious (Hickman, Smaltz, 2008). This is why change management programs and initiatives are critically important in any new HIMS and patient management system being implemented in a healthcare facility. Showing how the system will save time and actually make the workers more effective is the key to making a change management program highly effective.

Develop an organizational policy on data security, including actions to be taken when there is a security breach.

The most critical aspect of any organizational policy on data security is the need for aligning it to the governance and strategic initiatives of the healthcare provider first (Dwyer, Reiner, Siegel, 2004). The tight integration of organizational policies to governance frameworks and initiatives is critical if the investments in the core technologies to secure information assets are going to pay off. Governance from a strategic standpoint must define the spending and investment priorities on security technologies to ensure they contribute to the overall profitability and long-term growth of the healthcare provider. The need for aligning organizational policies and security strategies is also critical for the performance of patient management, physician and administrator system performance from a reliability and uptime performance level as well (Dwyer, Reiner, Siegel, 2004). Averting downtime due to a lack of security can cost a healthcare provider literally millions of dollars in revenue and operating systems (Tan, Payton, 2010). Security is not only critically important from a legal and regulatory standpoint, it is also a form of insurance in responsiveness and uptime over the long-term of a healthcare operators' business. The organizational… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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