Databases Access SQL MS SQL Server 2000 Oracle DB2 and Mysql Term Paper

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Databases: Access, SQL, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle, DB2, and MySQL

Microsoft Office Access is a multi-user relational database management system. It is designed to allow user to quickly assemble, display, and share data with others while protecting the privacy of the data and ensuring to have full control over how the data is used and distributed. It makes use of visual design for queries, forms and reports for developing client-server database solutions. It is committed in offering integrated development environment, incremental compilation and interactive visual debugger, breakpoints and single step-through. Although the maximum database size is 1 GB, still database can include linked tables in other files and its total size is limited only by available storage capacity. The difference of Microsoft Access to other database is that it has a nice GUI that enables user to easily manage all information from a single database file. Within the file, user can use Tables for storing data, Queries for finding and retrieving data you want, Forms for view, add and update data within the table, Reports for analyzing or printing data and Data Access pages to view, update the database data.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Databases Access SQL MS SQL Server 2000 Oracle DB2 and Mysql Assignment

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system. SQL Server is portable, reliable, fast and easy to use and manage. It has been developed specifically to get advantage of architecture of Microsoft NT. It is optimized for the multithreaded, multiprocessing kernel of Windows NT. SQL Server offers many features and options toward multiple users who need access to high volumes of data. Many tools are included in this packages and six of them are more frequently used which includes Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, SQL Profile, Service Manager, Data Transformation Services (DTS) and Book Online. The difference of SQL Server to other database management system is its portability of the platforms supported by Windows NT, and this integration lets SQL Server become more powerful while other database managements system are written to be very portable between operating systems, which limits their advantage for specific performance and enhancements. SQL Server is focus toward client/server applications. It is fast and has good performance tuning options and administrative tools to lessen the burdens of database development, administration and maintenance. Companies using SQL Server include Albertson's, Inc., ASB Bank, Black & Decker, Home Shopping Network (, Minolta, Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, University of South Florida and others. Comparing the price of SQL Server against Oracle Database, the it market shows that SQL Server is cheaper. Though cheaper, SQL has satisfactory features like compliance with Intel or other compatible platforms for ease of installation.


Oracle Database is a relational database designed for Grid Computing, it uses PL/SQL a powerful language than SQL's Transact-SQL (available in Microsoft SQL 2000). Similar to SQL, Oracle database supports diverse platforms, whether Intel or other compatible platforms like AIX-Based Systems, Compaq Tru64 UNIX, HP 9000 Series HP-UX, Linux Intel (SQL Server vs. Oracle Online) and Sun Solaris. Companies of all sizes including, Colgate-Palmolive, Southwest Airlines, Deutsche Post, Texas Tech University uses Oracle for simplification, standardization, automation and innovation its benefits to them. According to an Online article on SQL Server 2000 vs. Oracle 9i,

It is not true that SQL Server 2000 is better than Oracle 9i or vice versa. Both products can be used to build stable and efficient system and the stability and effectiveness of your applications and databases depend rather from the experience of the database developers and database administrator than from the database's provider. But SQL Server 2000 has some advantages in comparison with Oracle 9i and vice versa.

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Differences Between Access SQL MS SQL Server 2000 Oracle DB2 and Mysql Term Paper

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