David Caravaggio the Figure of Caravaggio's "Saul Term Paper

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Term Paper on David Caravaggio the Figure of Caravaggio's "Saul" Assignment

The figure of Caravaggio's "Saul" is sensual and a recognizably physical human being. He looks like a man one might see on the street rather than a Biblical prophet who has undergone a profound conversion. Although the focus of the painting is on the figure of Saul, this converted saint's changed inner life is only signified by the softly glowing light on his face, and the name of the painting. By locating Saul in 'reality,' and even suggesting that Saul might have been taken for an ordinary drunk lying in the street, Caravaggio reminds the viewer of the fact that the figures we read about in the Bible are not stick figures, with no human needs and fears or physicality. This is not sacrilegious on the part of the artist. It is a reminder that just as the Bible's truths is present in our ordinary, daily lives; the Bible is populated by recognizable human beings. Caravaggio is not saying that Saul must have been drunk, and not blessed with a divine visitation but the drunk one sees walking home from the bar may have some goodness… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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