David a Man After God's Heart Essay

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David a man after God's heart and not Solomon

David was identified as a man after God's own heart even though he was also sinful and not perfect. His story is inspiring to us because it shows that the character of God toward us sinful imperfect beings that seldom follow his will. His willingness to commit his life to Gods will makes him stand out in the bible amid other peers like King Solomon and Saul. There is however some aspects of David that makes him be regarded as being after God's heart and not Solomon even though he too had committed his share fair share of sins. There is a profound lesson to be learned from his life that even through our imperfect demeanor, God can still love us and use us mightily just like how David had an incessant effect on the culture and faith of Judaism. This essay will review the godly character traits and failings of David and Solomon and describe the reason for regarding David as after God's heart and not Solomon. It will then analyze how this teaching can be applied to personal life.

Godly Character

David was referred to as a man who is after God's own heart in (1 Samuel 13:14). This is not based on his character but the dedication of his heart in loyalty to God. The heart of David was committed to God in his entire life even though his actions were not always as God would have desired. He can be compared to a needle compass that wiggled but always kept coming back to north.

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David was indeed faithful in his entire life. He wasn't perfect because he did commit the adultery sin with Bathsheba. Having the husband of Bathsheba killed was another sin in trying to cover up the first one. These sinful acts might pose the doubt on him being after God's heart but he still was of righteous character. He was willing to repent even in this instance and turn back to God. David was remorseful and asked for God's forgiveness when the prophet Nathan was sent to rebuke him. In one his psalms, his deep remorse is seen, Psalm 51.

Essay on David a Man After God's Heart and Assignment

David was also merciful. David had many opportunities to kill Saul but he didn't do so even though King Saul had pursued him relentlessly when he suspected him of motives of usurping his throne. David said in one instance that he won't raise his hand against the Lord's anointed (1 Samuel, 26:22). When he was chosen and was just waiting for the King to die in order to be incumbent, he could have easily killed him and be the King.

David was also humble. David had the humility to realize that the power of God is the one that had allowed him to accomplish many things and this is one of principal characteristics. He gave credit to God for his accomplishments rather than taking the credit himself. For instance, in the slaying of Goliath, David expressed confidence of his victory to King Saul because of the help that the Lord would give him, (1 Samuel 17:37). Again when he faced the giant, David spoke of his success because of the victory that the Lord was to give him.

Why not Solomon

Solomon just like David did have his share of sins but he… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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