David Notable Religious Events Research Paper

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His version of the statue is a masterpiece because it is an amalgamation of his four strengths. Had he not be a Renaissance man of many talents, perhaps the statue would have reached the heights, fame, and adoration that it still enjoys in the modern period. David was not his final work by the least, but certain it was one of his greatest achievements and greatest exemplars of what Renaissance art & achievement overall.

Michelangelo's David proves to be quite innovative from the other statues and from other forms of Renaissance art.

For Michelangelo David proved to be a defining moment in his artistic career…Michelangelo was only twenty-six years old when he won the contract for David. He began work on Monday September 13th 1501 and it would take him two years to turn the marble block into the iconic image that we know and admire today…Michelangelo's David differs from earlier versions (see the three David's) in that it does not show the severed head of Goliath, instead the artist has depicted the moment before the young shepherd begins his battle with the giant Philistine. (Italian Renaissance-Art.com, 2012)Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on David Notable Religious Events and Assignment

Therefore one clear difference is the material which Michelangelo used over the other artists. He used marble that was intentionally aged for the purposed of sculpture. The other statues are bronze. Certainly another difference is that Michelangelo composed his work in a new century. The Renaissance period extends over a portion of the 15th and the 16th centuries. As those of us who have lived in the 20th and 21st centuries can attest to, every aspect of culture changes when the times change, even within the same movement, art form, organization, country, culture, even economic systems such as capitalism. David is shown alone in a relaxed pose without Goliath's head in Michelangelo's version. This moves the focus less upon the famous deed David is known for and more upon the man David and all he represented including as well as outside of his triumphant moment over Goliath. Furthermore, of the three veresions, Michelangelo's took the longest duration of time to compose. This meticulous attention to detail and craft additionally distinguishes this version from the other great versions of the statue.

The story of David comes from the section of the Bible called the book of Samuel. David is an Israelite and Goliath was the greatest warrior on the opposing side of the Philistines. No other soldier was brave enough to face Goliath but David. David was too young to formally join the fight against Goliath, but he faced the challenge regardless. He did not have military training; he herded sheep as his vocation. David even refused to the armor and traditional weaponry for Israelite soldiers at the time. Again, he confronts the enemy with only his slingshot. Striking Goliath in the head with stones, he stuns the oversized man long enough to use his own sword to decapitate him. Everyone present at the battle believes David's strength from directly from God. This story inspired the people and artists of Italy during the Renaissance period. Artists distinctive of each part of the period dedicated their talents to immortalize this hero and this symbol of the underdog triumphing literally over the larger than life enemy infuses all the versions of the statue as well as the city of Florence.


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