Death I Do Not Believe Reaction Paper

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¶ … Death

I do not believe that I was ever aware that there were certain criteria for death. To my mind, death meant when all function in the brain and heart stopped. Because death is such a common occurrence, affecting all living things, the fact that there are criteria to ensure its nature is a little bizarre to me. However, when considering issues like the soul and the life that exists in individual cells, death becomes much more arbitrary than the simple end of a heartbeat or brain function. Furthermore, these considerations have not even given thought to spiritual aspect of living and dying. Physical death, to many, does not mean the end of life or awareness. For many, physical death means a transition into another type of life, where the soul survives. Furthermore, when considering the heartbreaking realities of those who have succumbed to accidents or illness to such an extent that machines mean the difference between any type of life and death for them, it is perhaps not so strange to require definitions of death, such as found in the chapter assigned as the reading for this reflection.

When reading the explanation of the need for guidance when it comes to physical death, I came to a closer understanding of the various meanings even of physical death. I am a little surprised that there are only five criteria to determine the status of a person regarding life or death. However, the specific criteria do make sense to me. Indeed, when there is no breathing, no demonstrable awareness or reflex, a person could indeed be said to be dead.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Reaction Paper on Death I Do Not Believe That I Assignment

I do believe that the addition of EEG criteria, in terms of the final two criteria, is an important element in determining the nature of what has become known as "brain death." Indeed, these criteria make it easier to determine the potential ethical pitfalls of removing organs while the heart is stimulated to ensure that the organs remain… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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