Death and Dying: Funerals Abstract for Funerals-R-Us Term Paper

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Death and Dying: Funerals

Abstract for Funerals-R-Us: From Funeral Home to Mega-Industry

Writer Thomas Lynch gives an "insider's perspective" on the funeral industry by pointing out that trying to describe death, the look of death, and what to do with dead bodies has a history and that history is, first and foremost, "an existential experience." And Lynch goes on to describe the rather grim work that a mortician (funeral operator) has to go through. Embalming, being called in the middle of the night to come and retrieve a body, dealing with grieving families, sponsoring little league uniforms - these things are all part of the "insider's perspective" of being in the funeral business.

Lynch also says that funeral parlors are "generally abhorred for their proximity to the dead" and for their "trade in grief and mourning," somebody has to do this job, and it should be done with dignity and without seeming to be money grabbing about it.

Annotation for Funerals-R-Us: From Funeral Home to Mega-Industry

Lynch makes the point that no matter who conducts funerals, they will always have "sacred, secular, spiritual, emotional, social and practical duties" in making sure the job is done correctly and diplomatically. And Lynch adds that even though big corporations are buying up small family funeral businesses, about 85% of the 22,000 funeral homes in America are still family-owned enterprises, and those family-owned funeral parlors have spent an average of 54 years in their respective communities.

Abstract for Three ways to arrange a funeral: Mortuary variation in the modern West

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Tony Walker writes about the ways in which funeral practices are different in various Western nations; he also alludes to the specific institutional differences in those practices. In his article, Walker uses a number of published accounts and published research on how funerals are conducted in different nations. For example, Americans, Walker writes, have culturally accepted and practiced a sentimental approach to burying their dead, while in England there is "...a pragmatic acceptance of cremation."

Term Paper on Death and Dying: Funerals Abstract for Funerals-R-Us: Assignment

Walker also points out that when industrialized nations' populations began to explode - and hence, more and more dead bodies were in need of disposal - "large out-of-town cemeteries became common in the U.S. And in England, and also "religious concerns were eroded in the face of public health requirements." The Western nations began turning to pathologists,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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