Death and Dying Thesis

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Death and Dying

Death is indeed a universal human experience. Several beliefs and rituals or practices are associated with dying and/or death (faxed material, date, p. 390). But is it not the case that many of us shun the idea of dying? It is in this regard that I believe a thoughtful reflection on death and dying practices is worth undertaking.

My personal cultural belief on dying is resounded in the work of author of faxed material (date). Dying alone is an idea not adapted by our cultural standards because our culture values solidarity in the family, especially in the times of tragedy. Here, I see death and dying as a social cohesive force which bounds people together. Death serves as a tool for reinforcing social bonds among families and other social support systems. The "reunited" family during death, on the other hand, serves a particular purpose on every family member, i.e. It gives him/her a sense of belongingness and group identification. his/her sense of family is consequently defined and strengthened.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Thesis on Death and Dying Assignment

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