Death and Dying Capstone Project

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Taking life for granted has some benefits I suppose. Not thinking about death allows one to focus more on the present. For example, you can stress out about school, work, friends, or loved ones and what they are doing. However, to live a virtuous life you must embrace the entire range of living and the development process that people must go through; including death. Without the consideration of death and an understanding of its eventuality, you are not really living a life that encompasses the full range of experiences and the experience is really what life is all about.

Journal Entries

1) Choose someone you love - write them a letter - about your love for them.


I know your last years were hard and I know that your brain would only remember certain things at certain times. I want you to know I do not blame you for anything mean that you said before your death. I also hope that you understood that I have always loved you so much and that I appreciate everything you have done for me.

2) Write about your legacy - in past present, and/or future tense. What is your legacy - what is it that you have given or left or leave behind you. How will you be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as a kind and compassionate person that people could come to with their problems; someone that people can really open up to and trust.

3)how do you cope with the reality that your clients are dealing with? Write a bit about the way(s) you are contextualizing their reality - and perhaps you own in the process.

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I use my own experiences with death to give me the empathy I need to understand what they are going through. This gives me the strength and compassion to be patient and provide as much as I can for the clients through this difficult period.

4) your first exposure to death - (pet or human) and when it occurred

When I was a child I had a dog that died. I think I was five or six years old. I couldn't really understand what had happened to the dog. My mom told me that he had went to heaven but that didn't really make sense to me at the time. I wanted him to come back from heaven and be about of our lives again.

Capstone Project on Death and Dying Death Is Assignment

5) your coping mechanisms/grief process


Music therapy

Talking about stress


6) Bucket list - what do you want to do before your death?


Have a family reunion

Write an autobiography


Journal Entries (Notes)

nothing we can do to save you last few week in total care they know they are dying medication happy tv shows whatever visits doctor care morphine very blunt. (not lying to you)

estimate time of life is less than a month living everything day by day i may not wake up tomorrow every day is new day for them live life to the fullest as much as they can handle

however they don't care about etiquette how you suppose to talk to people.

ex ) I have no time for you go away ( honest ) thanks for coming but I'm dying.

community service is difficult very nice

I will keep you around singing brightened their day everytime I wake up, I could die today stage 5 cancer

Drugged up care doctor support.

Most of my friends are dead ( meet new people.)

alzheimer ( dieses when you lose memory) You know that you have it didn't remember who anyone was ( go back to childhood)

throwing deck furniture so angry and violent she disappeared in a target bathroom what are you talking about " he is 8-year-old he can't drive"

" he is not ready to drive "

" grandmother pooped and needed diaper acted like a child"

"gigantic racist from texas1918"

"this use to be this bar, this used to be this restaurant"

" ya until all the "N**gers invaded "

went on this rage didn't recognise who I was

"only when I mixed up with things she they were prostitution was common, bright red lipstick nurse wore a red lipstick, she thought that she was prostitute think people are stilling their things, rather than misplacing stuff they think they are lucid wedding ring "someone stole it "

"its on your finger.

they don't remember you even visiting everyday remember childhood left with us

I'm going home ray "uncle" lived before address you… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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