Death Human Beings Term Paper

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In this way, the spectators had actual and vicarious authority over the accused.

Like executions and fights in the gladiator arena, lynchings were done to make a dominant group feel superior. Lynchings, while allegedly done to avenge a particular incident, generally had a broader motive: to reinforce the concept of white superiority. By showing the extra-legal ability of whites to end black lives, without fear of punishment or reprisal, whites could demonstrate their feeling of racial superiority.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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It is very clear that publicly sanctioned murders, whatever their setting, serve as society's way of asserting dominance over certain segments of society. The segments that are targeted reflect the values and mores of the dominant society. Therefore, a dominant society that tolerates racial discrimination or other caste-like divides has public murders in the form of the gladiator arena or lynchings. In contrast, dominant societies that claim to be based on equality require something, such as a criminal conviction, to justify relegating someone to the status of "other" and causing the end of…
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