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What must also be remembered, although this is no excuse for the horrendous acts of crime that the murderers perpetrate on their innocent victims, they have all suffered from the traumas of a miserable and abusive childhood, and the very same society that is quick to condemn them now did not in any way support them when they needed it the most. In fact, if all the money that is now being spent on the issue of death penalty were to be utilized for the better purpose of improved education, better child care, and so on, then there would be a definite decrease in crimes of this type where the perpetrator would have to be put to death for the crimes that he had committed. (Fight the Death Penalty in the U.S.A.)

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However, whatever has been said in the past about death penalty and why it must not be implemented can now be forgotten, because today, figures show that the support for death penalty has been slowly and steadily going up in America. In fact, this support had fallen, and now it has turned around again, and started to rise, with about 74% of people stating that they wanted the death penalty for those people who had been convicted of murder, as compared to 2001, when the support was at 65%, the lowest rate in more than two decades, when there was an 'innocence movement' taking place in the U.S.A. All the opponents of the death penalty argued that the capital punishment system was extremely flawed, and that the chance of an innocent person being executed was so very great that it was too great a risk to take, and therefore, it must be abolished. Today, however, abolitionists and their theories have been relegated to the background, and there is more support for capital punishment than ever before. (As Americans worry, support for death penalty goes up)

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In the year 1993, about 18,000 people were arrested for committing murder in the U.S.A., but there have only been about 300 executions in the past twenty-five years, and this shows that though there are more than 2,500 murderers on death row, less than fifty of these people will be executed, and this in turn means that for about 15,000 to 20,000 murders per year, there will be less than fifty executions. In the Bible, there are some facts about murder and capital punishment that not many people are aware of, and they are the fact that God instituted the death penalty Himself in Genesis 9:6, and He says that whoever had shed the blood of man deserves to have his own blood shed by another man, because God made man in His own image. Therefore, it is clear that man did not invent death penalty; so, man has no right to abandon this concept. God also said that the very land would get polluted and dirty if killers were to be left to go free, and that they would pollute the environment where they lived, therefore, it would have to be implemented if man were to save the environment. (Capital Punishment, Three good reasons for supporting the death penalty)

Is it true that the death penalty actually deters the murderers from killing, and is it true that if the threat of death penalty decreases, then the threat of murder and other capital crimes increases? Though these are debatable questions, the supporters of death punishment would certainly say yes to both. Edgar Hoover, of the FBI asks this question, since it is a fact that many criminals manage to escape punishment, how many victims are able to do the same thing, and is there any way they can be brought back? (Death Penalty Arguments: This Paper in Memoriam of Sean Burgado)

This question seems to sum up the entire issue of the support of death penalty, and in fact, if more people were to vote for death penalty, then maybe there would be a definite decrease in the crime rate in the world today.


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