Death of President John F. Kennedy Impacted Essay

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¶ … death of President John F. Kennedy impacted not just all of America but most of the world. John F. Kennedy was the first and only Catholic President of the United States. He therefore broke through many of the ethnic, religious and cultural barriers that stymied other candidates. Moreover, Kennedy symbolized the triumph of the American Dream. His Irish Catholic heritage differentiated him from any previous president who had heralded from a Protestant background. The controversy surrounding his election proves that he did overcome prejudice in ways other leaders had yet to experience. In addition to his unique background, Kennedy also signified a new direction in American politics. Kennedy was a liberal democrat, defining the future of the Democratic Party. His political philosophy would transform the nature of the Democratic Party and define its allegiances with business and other lobbying groups. As an applicant to University I would like to discuss the ways John F. Kennedy's life influences the decisions I make as a student and a future leader.

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One way John F. Kennedy changed American politics was through his legislation on civil rights. During the social revolutions taking place during the 1960s, John F. Kennedy did not resist the youth movement. Rather, he recognized the new ways of thinking that characterized youth culture in America. Young people became more enthusiastic about politics as a result of Kennedy's influence. Because Kennedy was relatively young compared with his colleagues, American youth could relate to him in ways they could not to his political opponents. The 1960 election earned Kennedy the office of president against his opponent Richard Nixon. Even though Nixon would go on to become President, Kennedy would have already proven himself a worthy leader and a champion of civil liberties.

TOPIC: Essay on Death of President John F. Kennedy Impacted Assignment

Unfortunately Kennedy became embroiled in a fiasco of international conflict. The Bay of Pigs invasion and other clashes… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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