Data Analysis Chapter: Death Stats One of the Problems

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Death Stats

One of the problems that can be examined in this data is whether life expectancy in England and Wales has increased or decreased overall over the past decade. Both of the presentations of data above help to examine this data. The bar graphs very clearly demonstrate how dramatically the number of deaths in the highest age group especially have been decreased, likely due to medical improved interventions. The mean age of death amongst the population for which data was given, however, dropped only slightly. This must be intercepted carefully; the bar graphs make it clear that a change has occurred even if the averages do not indicate a major change, but it must be remembered that the data sets only include individuals that dies between the ages of 45 and 69. Even within this population, the mean age of death has decreased slightly, and the lower absolute numbers in each category between 1998 and 2008 mean that more people are surviving to 70 and beyond.

The data was likely originally collected through medical records and death records logged with various officials. Deaths are recorded as a matter of policy, making the data something the government would automatically have in its possession in most cases. Data was likely culled from these sources, then, and in fact it is likely that a running tally of certain information is kept and fairly regularly updated from incoming death records as hospitals and other medical personnel report them. A frequently updated database would make it incredibly easy for anyone with access to this database to view the original data and its totals. If such a database is not maintained, collating and totaling this data would have been much more time consuming, but would still have been fairly straightforward in… [END OF PREVIEW]

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