Decision-Making Approaches Essay

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¶ … Art of Decision Making

You Can't be a Wimp: Make the Tough Calls. By ram Charan

This is an article that portrays the decision making process as an art and how this art can be developed and nurtured by individuals who want to be great leaders. This is a powerful piece bearing the fact that it is an excerpt of an interview that was offered by Ram Charan, an adviser to CEOs who has spent 35 years in different countries studying how different CEOS deal with their problems and challenges that the organizations face. He offers answers to questions posed to him on the aspect of decision making, the process of decision making, the challenges of decision making, possible outcomes and the need for decision making.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Decision-Making Approaches Assignment

He sets out by outlining the factors that have changed and keep changing in line wit CEOs decision making process. He recognizes that getting the right decision is not easy in the contemporary society, the fast changing technology and other qualitative factors renders the conventional solutions not applicable within a short time and hence need for fresh decision to be made. However, he outlines the adjustments that the CEOs have made in the recent times and the importance of sourcing for information from as many sources as possible as they strive towards decision making. He points out that a good decision making process would lead a CEO to consider what factors would lead to success if each of the short listed alternatives were to be settled for. They will then make a decision without fear of the consequences but in the best interest of the organization. Apart from dealing with the unexpected factors in the process of decision making, the CEO will also be expected to make decisions with perceptual acuity since this is what the organization will depend on once the factors being experienced at the time are overcome. Perceptual acuity, he adds can only be developed through interaction with people of all caliber, from the lowest of the employees to the CEOs in other non-competing organizations or even men in the streets. Charan is however quick to point out that good decision making needs time and experience and it is only with these that the CEO will know that they are on the right path. Brilliant decision makers will go directly to the scene of the action and tap information from there. He is also an individual who will adopt a team approach to issues and they know which decisions they need to focus on in a multitude of various decisions. The adviser further points out that decisions that will make a career of a CEO are those that will give his organization competitive advantage, right decisions on resource allocations, mix of goals and setting these goals right rather than concentrating on the previous performance. He however points out that not all decisions made are popular, and indeed this is one of the biggest challenges that there are in organizations, noble decisions are rarely appreciated. The biggest mistakes that CEOs make in decision making is putting on the attitude of know it all and the fear of failing in their decisions.

At the end of it all, Charan indicates that credibility is the underlying factor that sets apart decisions made by some CEOs, in decision making, it is all that counts. He finally encourages each person to have the right mental perception and the tenacity to put together their decisions and make tough calls, not being a wimp.

Deciding How to Decide. By Hugh Courtney

The article primarily highlights the significance of having the right toolkit for making decisions and these toolkits need to have support tools which the CEOs need to understand and know which toolkits work for which decisions. It is upon the outcomes that decisions made by a given leader bring about that they are judged too each time they make decisions. These toolkits can be developed by the managers and used in each unique situation that requires decision making.

Courtney then sets out to outline how the decision profile can be developed. In the process of developing this profile as a toolkit, the manager needs to ask himself whether he knows what it takes for him to succeed in a given situation that calls for decision making. The manager making the decision needs to also ask himself whether he can predict a range of possible outcomes… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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