Decision Making the Business Community Term Paper

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Decision Making

The business community of the twenty-first century is more dynamic that ever foreseen and this is due to numerous forces belonging to both external as well as internal environments. The external forces are generally more responsible for generating change and they could refer to any phenomenon, including the strategies implemented by the competition, changing behaviors of the customers, political changes (such as the introduction of new regulations on tariffs or increased laws that promote recycling and pollution reduction), economic changes or technological changes. A most important source for change resides in the international context and materializes in the liberalization of markets and the globalization of the world's economies. These meant increased living standards for the population but they also brought along increased competition, more quality standards to which the merchandize and services must subject to, more pretentious customers, but also more financial opportunities. All these then imposed the need for companies to constantly develop and adapt to the requirements of the market.

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Implementing change is often difficult to achieve as it is a natural characteristics of the individual to be reticent to new things and simply prefer those he is already accustomed with. And implementing change is often even more difficult within organizations as there are a variety of rather rigid resources. But even so, without the change, the corporation is doomed to failure as it will no longer be competitive. In this order of ideas, company officials must make numerous decisions that ease the successful implementation of the change strategy. Their decisions include matters such as properly identifying the organizational levels than need to change, the actual features that will be changed and how will they function in the future. Change might have to occur at numerous levels and it has to be integrated as to fit the corporate culture as well as the other resources within the firm.

Term Paper on Decision Making the Business Community of the Assignment

To best understand how and why change occurs, as well as the mechanisms behind the decision making process, take for instance the simple case of an automobile manufacturer. Say company X produces large size and luxurious vehicles for the American consumer. The forces outside the organization which influence its operations are highlighted at an international level and refer to an increased focus towards preserving the natural environment, reducing the resource consumption and also reducing pollution through the reducing of the waste eliminated by cars. Also within the international context, the American company is threatened by the Japanese manufacturer, Y, who produces small size, compact and fuel efficient vehicles. Onto a national context, the consumption patterns of the America population have as well changed, and due to environmental concerns and the increasing price of gas, consumers now demand small size and fuel efficient cars. The mixture of all these forces results in the need for change. Now, once the need has been identified, the managers at X Automobile will have to make numerous decisions. For instance, they will have to replace their technologies with newer,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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