Decision-Making Tool Term Paper

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Decision Making Tool

The sluggishness and irresponsibleness of my fellow co-worker causes problems specifically in the delivery of tasks assigned to him. He is unable to deliver efficient and on-time tasks. Causing this problem further is his habit of coming late for work and spending a lot of office hours for his leisure activities like surfing the Internet and spending his lunchtime leisurely. In view of this problem, my objective is to stop this fellow co-worker from his bad working habits. Having to find a perfect solution to solve the problem that the company experiences from him can provide the company with advantages and benefits to the improvement of professionalism status of the problem fellow co-worker as well. Some possible solutions that can be conducted for my goal are the following.

Open up the problem to the fellow co-worker himself. The advantage to this is that he will be informed of the problem that he causes to the company, as he might be unaware. The disadvantage to this is how the co-worker will handle my honesty to him.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Decision-Making Tool Assignment

Conduct a one-on-one professionalism and good work habits training. The advantage to this is the knowledge and skills that can learn from the training. The disadvantage on the other hand is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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