Decision Paradise Decisions in Paradise Part II Research Paper

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Decision Paradise

Decisions in Paradise Part II

The situation in Kava is not an easy one, and Nik has some very difficult choices to make. One of the most important choices is how exactly to go about determining what solutions need to be applied to the problems identified in the area that will affect the company's expansion while it also strives to improve life for the inhabitants and society of Kava. Determining the problems themselves required a specific framework and theoretical approach in order to be carried out n a concrete manner, and determining the proper solutions requires an equally structured and direct approach. Selecting an appropriate decision-making model to choose from among the potential solutions to each problem is an important part of the solution process, and the Six-Step Model is an effective technique for this purpose.

Applying the Six-Step Model

The six-step decision making model consists of defining the problem, developing alternatives, evaluating the alternatives, making a decision, implementing the solution, and monitoring the solution following its implementation (Buzzle 2011; DMC 2011). For the four problems identified in Kava -- natural disasters that can be mitigated, natural disasters that cannot be mitigated, purposeful human threats such as terrorism, and health threats -- the six steps can be applied in a very direct and even a collective manner. The situation and desired outcomes have already been largely defined, taking care of the first step in this model (DMC 2011). Researching and analyzing the alternatives comes next, and is still simple if somewhat more complex.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Decision Paradise Decisions in Paradise Part II Assignment

For the natural disasters that cannot be effectively mitigated, by definition there is little that can be done. Research into disaster preparedness techniques, the building of effective shelters, and having plans for rebuilding could help the company and the people of Kava to bounce back after such incidents, however, and research into this area is likely to yield several solutions. Even natural disasters that can be mitigated will be most effectively met through similar techniques for the most part, and thus the same research will suggest possibilities for both threats. The purposeful human threats and the potential health threats can both be met more proactively; installing greater levels of infrastructure and stability to the government and the provision of basic human services will greatly improve health and help to reduce poverty, crime, and terrorism through a variety of means (Totus 2011). Other solutions to the terrorist threat could include enhancing military responses and trying to impose harsher restriction on the populous in order to weed out criminal elements, and health improvements through treatment rather than prevention, however neither of these methods is demonstrated to be as effective -- especially for both issues at once -- in the developing world as infrastructure improvement (Totus 2011; WHO 2011).

After selecting the decision, the next steps are implementation and monitoring that solution (Buzzle 2011; DMC 2011). Clearly, these cannot be accomplished in the scope of this written assessment, however it is certain that infrastructure development if properly implemented would take care of many of Kava's problems. As for the final steps in the process, those will have to wait.

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