Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario Term Paper

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Decisions in Paradise -- Part I

Nik and his team are facing a significant series of challenges in launching a new business for Hilton Worldwide on Kava and there are many opportunities to do well by doing good in this island nation. Nik can build a stable, profitable business on Kava and excel for his employer while at the same time significantly increasing the quality of life for the island nations' citizens as well. With that mission in mind, this case is analyzed.

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Nik immediately finds that the Kava economy is unorganized, lacking infrastructure, with a young, inexperienced workforce and a lack of overall stability. Given how challenging it is going to be to build a business here for Hilton, Nik needs to choose his team's vision, objectives, and core values very carefully as they need to be ones everyone can be completely committed to. The vision, mission and goals must be so compelling that the team he leads is willing to make the major sacrifices that will be necessary for the mission to be successful. While the vision, mission and objectives need to be so strong and part of the team to gain complete commitment, the structure or framework to attain them must be flexible. In devising a vision, mission and core set of values to support a new venture it is critical to not forget about the need for agility and contingency planning as well (Pandelica, Pandelica, Dabs, 2010). This is going to be a very important aspect to Nik's plans going forward as the underlying infrastructure and operations of the island will, with certainty, be interrupted by extreme weather, the threat of natural disasters and the many other hazards to keeping the infrastructure and when built, the hotel, in operation over time.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario Assignment

Nik has to deliberately involve each member of his team in this process to ensure all of them own the vision, mission and objectives as well. He will also have to work very hard to making decision-making more decentralized going forward, as this is a proven best practice in managing teams (Muller, Turner, 2010). Ultimately, each member of the team will need to have a very strong sense of ownership, including the willingness to be accountable, transparent and completely committed to the objectives for them to succeed (Alstyne, Brynjolfsson, Madnick, 1997).

Decision Making Techniques

In addition to defining and being committed to a shared mission, values and objectives, Nik needs to bring decision-making tools and techniques, frameworks and strategies into his group. These decision-making techniques need to take into account the varying experience, insights and perspectives of each member of the team while capturing risks and defining opportunities early (Muller, Turner, 2010). Of the many approaches to decision-making Nik and his team need to concentrate on, the most important and relevant to their situation is using reflective and logic-reasoning approaches as the encourage participating and ownership of outcomes by participants (Paul, Elder, 2001). The frameworks and structure of these decision-making approaches will also need to be used for defining current and emerging strengths of Hilton Worldwide as they begin the process of constructing a resort on the island. Using reflexive… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Decisions in Paradise Essay

Decisions in Paradise Essay

Decisions in Paradise Term Paper

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