Decisions in Paradise Given the Chaotic Nature Term Paper

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Decisions in Paradise

Given the chaotic nature of the Kava operation organizationally, the apparent lack of direction, and the unfocused efforts of Alex to create any strategy in Kava, Nik needs to tread lightly on any change that is suggested. What needs to happen first is that any vision of what kava can become must be wholeheartedly bought into by Alex, Nike and Chris at a minimum to have any chance to succeeding. Alstyne, Brynjolfsson and Madnick (1997) comment that "The very act of decentralizing decision-making - asking workers for their values and then taking them seriously - can have a positive effect on the change process by giving employees a sense of ownership and responsibility," and from previous work show the impact of theories of ownership on change management with this insight from their work Alstyne, Brynjolfsson and Madnick (1995): "Theories of ownership, for example, suggest that decentralizing management can boost quality levels in systems users control themselves."Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Decisions in Paradise Given the Chaotic Nature Assignment

These concepts of taking control of change is further supported by general attributes and decision-making techniques discussed by Paul, R. And Elder, L. (2001). Specifically the decision making styles of reflective, integrative and logic-reasoning are critical in this situation. To preserve the apparent freedoms of starting up operations on Kava, Nik, Alex, Chris and any other critical members of the team who join later on must band together and create substantial value over time. Not just their careers, but their lives on Kava will be directly influenced by their ability to first define a common vision, then work to create multiple strategies for its fulfillment. Mr. Morales assumes that the team on Kava will bootstrap the operation into existence, all the while holding firm to the values of organizational processes, human resources, and ethics. Combining these three values of the company in conjunction with reflective, integrative and logic-reasoning decision styles must create a shared vision that galvanizes the team together if they are to succeed. There has got to be a strong passion for this vision they collectively create if it is to continue growing, and in essence redefine the company in the context of this island nation.

From a critical thinking perspective what needs to happen is that Alex, Nike and Chris must think of the many unmet needs present on the island, ranking them from a business opportunity perspective. The good news is that Kava has a diversified economy that includes petroleum, natural gas, agriculture and tourism and as a result has a stability of income and wages, yet is susceptible to many natural disaster threats and has a relatively young, potentially under-educated population. With over 50% of the population below 15 years of age, the assumption is there are many large families on the island, with parents have well over four children per household. Given the socioeconomic and demographic profile of the nation, several major unmet needs begin to surface using an integrative approach to decision making specifically. These unmet needs include but are not limited to the following:

The need for inexpensive healthcare especially in the area of pediatrics and child care. There must also be a significant unmet need for prenatal care with such a large percentage of the population being below 15 years of age.

Significant unmet need for education including the use of distance learning and the introduction of higher education on the island including a college or university. Hand in hand with this unmet need is that of having Internet access and wireless access through government buildings.

Massive unmet needs in terms of the value of technology in everything from learning, to banking, and the establishment of a micro-payment bank to give the local natives access to low-cost or no-cost micro-payment loans so they can start their own businesses.

In just these three dominant areas of unmet needs including healthcare, education and banking there are more than enough opportunities for the company to grow. What… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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