Decisions in Paradise Essay

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Decisions in Paradise

For Nik and his team, the most critical catalyst of all is the need to define financially viable growth strategies for Kava that will also enrich the island from a corporate social responsibility (CSR) standpoint as well, a critical concern for stakeholders of the venture. The underlying processes in each of the industries of interest have significant room for improvement and need to have benchmarking applied to them as a decision making technique. As has been mentioned in previous analysis, the use of public television as the basis for entering education as a core business first, then branching in ancillary services gives Nik and his team a path to growth in terms of training by industry on the island. Using benchmarking to quantify the performance of the education business over time will give Nik and his team, over time, insights into the Key performance Indicators (KPIs) necessary for continually growing the business (Pemberton, Stonehouse, Yarrow, 2001). There is also the need of using benchmarking as a means to gain define performance objectives for each of the training areas the company enters.

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TOPIC: Essay on Decisions in Paradise, Part 2 Assignment

The greatest paradox in kava today is that while specific industries including agriculture, petroleum, natural gas, and tourism are well advanced the industries most critical to long-term economic growth of the island nation, including banking, education, and healthcare are not. As has been stated in previous analyses over 50% of the islands' population being under 15, Kava's long-term productivity as an island nation is entirely dependent on its ability to get its population educated so they can run these industries now and in the future. As the basis of their growth as a company is based on being a leader in educational programming and training, Nik and his team could also use benchmarking to pave the way for getting approved for government-based and globally-based funding to grow this aspect of their business over time. Nik and his team could also benchmark the proposed use of public television relative to other communications systems throughout the nation. This benchmarking of various communications channels could then be used for creating individualized learning plans that could easily be tracked over time (Siemiatycki, 2009).

Benchmarking could also be used for defining the costing and benefits from a corporate social responsibility standpoint to ensure compliance to global standards for nonprofit organizations as well. Using benchmarking for example the company could also define… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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