Decisions in Paradise Part III Essay

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Paradise III

Decisions in Paradise III: Resources, Actions, and Ethical Implications of Decision Implementation

Nik, Alex, and Chris all certainly have their work cut out for them on Java. Developing a training program for the youth of the island and keeping to an established progress plan that allows for government oversight of the various stages of development and progress within the group's operations on the island will not be a simple task. Financial planning in the hectic environment of Kava, with a weakened infrastructure under constant threat, can also be somewhat problematic. Other organizational factor that affect decision making will also need to be taken into account, as will a fuller understanding of resource availabilities and the full ethical considerations and stakeholder perspectives on the available options and the decisions that are being made in the scenario.

Factors Affecting Decision Making

The decision making style of entity, be they individual or organization, can have a huge influence on the decisions made. In many ways, the organization at hand exhibits an intuitive decision making style, which is based more on an assessment of core values than it is on objective rationality (Robbins 2004). Risk taking and procrastination are two other somewhat related factors that affect organizational decision-making; procrastination can actually be somewhat useful when the available information for an effective decision is not comprehensive enough, and making decisions without adequate information unnecessarily enhances risk (Robbins 2004).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Decisions in Paradise Part III Assignment

For the situation that Nik, Chris, and Alex are facing on Kava, all of these considerations play an important role. The decision to focus efforts on a youth development and training program is based as much if not more so in intuitive thought process and values-based considerations as it is on rational thought and pragmatism. In addition, this gives the company and the individuals on Kava something to focus efforts on while fine-tuning plans and holding off on other major decisions until more adequate information arrives. Though procrastination can definitely be a negative decision making quality in many instances, on Kava it will provide Nik, Alex, and Chris more time to weigh the available options and to gather more information about available resources. They will also be able to see how well and how quickly things progress with organizing a youth development program, and might develop an understanding of unforeseen cultural misunderstandings and pitfalls that would otherwise have been blundered into blindly at more crucial stages.

Resources and Actions Required

The decision to begin operations in Kava with the development of a youth program under the close oversight of -- and in cooperation with -- the government entities on the island will also allow for a greater conservation of resources in the near-term. This will enable the organization to develop roots and connections in Kava that can ease the process of acquiring and transporting resources. This will also create more time for the development of a clear and comprehensive plan of action for the further development of the organization on Kava.

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Paradise Part III Essay

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