Deduce the Effects of Parenting Article Review

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The sessions with the children included focus on increasing effective coping, improving the quality of the mother-child relationship and reducing negative thoughts about divorce related stressors using the help of activities such as video games, problem solving, role plays, etc. The literature control condition involved both mother and child being provided with 3 books about divorce adjustment and guidance to be completed over a period of six weeks.

To achieve the outcomes from the study, participants were interviewed on 5 different occasions; pre-test, post-test, 3 months after the test, 6 months after the test and 6 years after the test. These interviews included completing of subscales by both mothers and children on the factors of relationship quality, discipline and coping efforts. The results were deduced based on the data collected via the interviews, subscales and meditational testing.

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The findings of the study reveal that the in the short-term period, the coping efficacy significantly increase, while in the longer term period, there are significantly higher levels of coping efficacy and active coping. Moreover, the finding also suggest that a strong relationship with the mother can have remarkable positive effects as they promote adaptive coping after parental divorces, and aid in helping children to battle off the stressors that can lead to avoidant coping. The findings also revealed that the discipline factor was non-significant with the coping process in children. The differences in the participants based on gender, parenting, and baseline risk status did not provide any evidence regarding the relations between the child's coping processes and parenting.

Article Review on Deduce the Effects of Parenting Assignment

Unlike prior studies, this research contributes immensely on the inferences about the effects of parenting on the coping process. Moreover, the study can be highly significant in the creating of programs and policies that are relevant to child development as these suggest that a child can be aided with the coping process only with the parental influence. Additionally, the study would implicate on the issue of understand and preventing children from acquiring any mental health problems in the longer term.

The article and its research are significantly positive in helping to determine that children can be assisted with the coping process by the developing improved coping efficacy with the aid of a strong and quality relationship with the mother. Being a part of a family of divorced parents myself, the research topic is significant to me as it focuses and provides a solution on the aspect of child development of those children who have been a victim of parent divorces.


Ve'lez, C.E., Wolchik, S.A., Tein, J.-Y., & Sandler, I. (2011). Protecting Children From the Consequences of Divorce: A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Parenting… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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